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Ushering photographers into an era of seamless automation and image management, Exicir Foto 2024, is powered by 5 cutting-edge AI models.

These AI models Include a prompt-search AI, that allows users to instantly retrieve images by inputting text descriptions, and an X-tetics AI that intelligently rates each image based on its aesthetic qualities.

Excire Foto is Fast

Catering to the needs of both amateurs and experts in photography, Excire Foto 2024 offers a variety of functions aimed at streamlining conventional file management challenges with clever automated key-wording, image evaluation, culling, and retrieval. 

Excire is a speedy, efficient, and indispensable tool for photographers looking for a time-saving method to organize their images. With little deliberation, creative photographers can readily maintain the standards and quality of the images they share or produce for client projects.

With Excire, photographers can:

Easily access any image with X-prompt AI, a groundbreaking new feature that places entire photo collections within users’ reach. 

Thanks to X-prompt AI, photographers can locate files in their Excire databases by entering a textual description, such as “speedy red motorcycle on a rural road during sunset.” Utilizing the prompt tool is incredibly user-friendly – just type a sentence into the provided search box and immediately see the results. 

Excire’s robust AI system possesses the capability to comprehend intricate sentences, context, and even abstract notions like “joy” and “sorrow.” The days of tirelessly searching for lost files are over; instead, if users can describe it, they can locate it.

Assess your photos using X-tetics AI, a recently developed functionality created to precisely assess the aesthetic quality of images.

Trained using a vast dataset of hundreds of thousands of photos and incorporating valuable insights from experienced photographers, the X-tetics AI feature autonomously evaluates every image added to a user’s collection and generates an individual Aesthetics Score for each file.

These aesthetics ratings can then be employed to quickly identify the most shareable and dispensable images from photoshoots, as well as to unearth hidden gems buried deep within an image database.

Effortlessly sort your files with X-tags AI, an innovative tool that automatically assesses each photo upon import and assigns relevant keywords to simplify search and organization. Thanks to the unique capabilities of X-tags AI, users can avoid the laborious process of manual keywording and instead rely on Excire to do the heavy lifting, streamlining the categorization and retrieval of images based on their content. While X-tags AI has been a part of earlier Excire software versions, the latest iteration showcases a revamped engine with enhanced content-detection capabilities, ensuring exceptional accuracy.


Enhance your photo management further with the help of X-face AI and X-alike AI, two additional powerful features for locating, organizing, and decluttering images. X-face AI employs advanced facial recognition technology, enabling photographers to categorize and retrieve files containing specific individuals and even certain facial attributes like age, gender, and smiles. Meanwhile, X-alike AI’s image analysis empowers users to search for similar files based on an initial image prompt or identify near-duplicate images for removal. Like X-tags AI, these features have been part of earlier versions of Excire Foto, but the latest release incorporates upgraded AI technology to deliver superior results.

Additional new features include:

  • Excire Analytics: This tool is designed to evaluate photo collections and provide valuable information about the user’s photography habits, including their essential equipment and preferred photo subjects. Previously, Excire Analytics was available as a paid extension for Excire Foto 2022, but now it seamlessly integrates into Excire Foto 2024, offering automatic access to these insights.
  • Slideshow Function: Photographers now have the capability to showcase their image collections to friends, family, and clients through a slideshow feature.
  • Custom Status Labels: A custom-status label feature allows photographers to categorize image collections as “In progress” or “Done” as they progress through their organizational workflow.
  • GPS-Based Search: The addition of GPS-based search enables users to swiftly locate images based on their location data. This tool also provides the flexibility to manually edit and add GPS coordinates as needed.

In conclusion

Excire Foto’s latest version introduces a suite of advanced AI-powered tools, including X-tags AI, X-face AI, and X-alike AI, which collectively revolutionize the way photographers manage their image collections.

These enhancements make organizing, searching, and categorizing photos more efficient and accurate than ever before.

Price & Availability

Excire Foto 2024

Available for both Windows and macOS; the program can be downloaded directly from the Excire website.

Excire Foto’s MSRP is $189, but with this limited discount you can purchase at a reduced price of $149.

Existing Excire Foto 2022 users can upgrade to Excire Foto 2024 for $59.

Also available for download is the 14-day trial version.

To learn more about Excire Foto 2024’s groundbreaking new features, please visit

SoftwareFolder | Excire Foto 2024