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SoftwareFolder|Elephas – AI for Mac

Elephas - AI for Mac

Smart AI for MacOS

The AI writing assistant designed to work seamlessly across all your mac software

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AI for Mac: Boost your Mac Experience with Artificial Intelligence Software.

Artificial intelligence applications and software designed to work on Apple Macintosh computers (macOS).

There are several AI-powered tools that already come bundled with your Mac, such as language translation software, voice recognition programs, and image recognition applications.

Some popular and basic AI apps for Mac include SiriVoiceOver, and Photo Booth. These and other tools can enhance the user experience and streamline various tasks on a Mac.

However, it’s important to note that not all AI features are built into the default Mac operating system, and you may need to download and install additional software to access advanced AI capabilities such as that offered by the Elephas AI Writing assistant.

SoftwareFolder|Elephas – AI for Mac

Elephas - AI Built for Mac

An AI Writing Assistant for Mac Users

If like me you favor the experience of working from desktop applications rather than a browser. Then you’ll also like what is going on here with Elephas, this super easy to use and convenient AI companion for mac users.

Elephas is an AI-powered personal writing assistant for Mac. It’s designed to help you manage your knowledge and improve your writing. 

SoftwareFolder|Elephas – AI for Mac

Personally, I tend to use Apple Notes for drafting written content, with which Elephas happens to play very nicely. 

By simply highlighting your text will evoke the Elephas icon which will then trigger a menu of options as demonstrated. Alternatively, use Control + Spacebar to evoke Elephas’ context menu wherever you are on your Mac. ( See shortcuts )

Contextual Menu

CTRL + Spacebar

SoftwareFolder|Elephas – AI for Mac
SoftwareFolder|Elephas – AI for Mac
SoftwareFolder|Elephas – AI for Mac

Here are some features that writers might find useful:

Smart Write:
Elephas can generate content based on your hints, keywords, or outlines. You can choose from different styles and tones, such as professional, casual, or viral. It can also rewrite sentences to remove clutter, improve readability, or change the tone.

Smart Reply:
Elephas can help you reply to emails, messages, or comments with just a click. It can analyze the context and tone of the conversation and suggest appropriate responses.

Elephas has a chat feature that lets you interact with the AI directly. You can ask Elephas any question, request any task, or fine-tune the results.

Elephas has some useful utilities that can help you with various tasks, such as summarizing articles, generating executive summaries, generating points for any topic, generating headlines, etc.

Cross-Device Compatibility:
Elephas works across your favorite apps on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Privacy Friendly:
Elephas uses your own OpenAI key, which gives you maximum flexibility and control over your data. Your data is not stored on Elephas’ servers.

These features can help writers save hours on tedious writing tasks and produce high-quality content.

Whether you are a marketer, a content writer, a business professional, an entrepreneur, a student, or a hobbyist, Elephas can help you achieve your writing goals.

Read on for further tips, or download Elephas now to try for yourself.

Elephas Tips

SoftwareFolder|Elephas – AI for Mac

Using Snippets

Use snippets to configure Elephas for your day-to-day and repetitive tasks

Snippets are small pieces of reusable code that can be inserted into a larger codebase to perform a specific task. They are commonly used to save time and effort by avoiding the need to write the same code repeatedly.

Add and Manage Snippets

To add a snippet, you can follow these steps:

  1. From the Elephas menu tab, click the icon to reveal the menu.

  2. Hover over the Snippets option and select Add or Manage.

  3. The Snippets window will open. From here you may add your snippet.

Now, here are some examples of the type of Snippets you can add.

“ Translate the following content into [ country name ]”

“ Extract item from the following content….”

“ Generate multiple-choice questions from the following text…”

“ Identify any bugs in the following code…”

“ Perform [ give actions ] on Google Sheets and Excel directly”

Remember, snippets are meant to be reusable pieces of code, so it’s important to ensure they are well-tested, documented, and easily maintainable. Additionally, be mindful of any licensing or attribution requirements when using snippets from external sources.

Elephas Shortcuts

CNTRL + / opens up the Super command.

CMD + CNTRL + t = Elephas Chat (ChatGPT)

CMD + CNTRL + g = Grammar fix

CMD + CNTRL + p = Professional rewrite

CMD + CNTRL + z = Zinsser rewrite mode

CMD + CNTRL + e = Write email

CMD + CNTRL + b = Write blog

CMD + CNTRL + r = Smart reply or Inline reply

CMD + CNTRL + s = Smart write

CMD + CNTRL + c = Continue writing

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