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Elementor Pro Page Builder for WordPress

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Elementor Pro Website Builder for WordPress

Impressed with this easily attainable WYSIWYG offering,
here is what we think overall.



With all the technical aspects of web creation to the side,  as a front-end website creation tool. Elementor Pro is pretty much all you’ll need for building websites and custom page layouts, but…

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Before you buy Elementor Pro

As Elementor Pro users ourselves, looking back at the dawn of WYSIWYG for WordPress, it has to be said, that of all the leading visual, drag and drop page builders for WordPress at the time, Elementor was the only one that provided first time users with adequate essential tools without the need of an upgraded plan or subscription.

Inevitably this allowed a great number of, beginners, undecided, or even experienced web creators the leisure time to truly put Elementor to tasks before deciding on whether an upgrade was worthwhile.

However, we get the feeling things will change a little. You see, in our minds, whilst this might be a good business model from especially the users perspective. It does leave us wondering; How much longer can this type of freemium offer, for such a powerful software plugin last?

We also wonder, compared to the other, let’s say “members only” page builder alternatives; How well does Elementor fair with regards to the WordPress user market share? What will that tell us?

One thing we do know for sure is that Elementor has a huge community of followers. And we also know just how easy and powerful the software is.


Web design 1010

Trying to break in to the world of web design, but overwhelmed by the massive amounts of information out there?

WordPress Builder + Built-in Hosting

No hidden costs or surpring price hikes…

Elementor Hosting $99/year

How much does Elementor Pro cost?

“ …looking back at the dawn of WYSIWYG for WordPress, it has to be said, that of all the leading WordPress Page Builders at the time, Elementor was the only one that provided first time users with adequate essential tools, without the need of an upgraded plan or subscription.”

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The upside for Elementor Pro is not just the price…

Surprisingly, Elementor is a very affordable option for Website Creators and Agencies. For example an agency plan with VIP support for up to a 1000 websites will cost you $999 /year. However, I am sure that most of us are currently not that big yet. 

So for an Essential Pro plan at only $49 / year, that’s for a single site licence, most of us can get started quite smoothly. Oh, and by the way, for an additional $40/year, that $89 bucks a year. You can sort out your website hosting requirements at the same time.




As a bonus, you can easily customise existing templates without having to deal with the complexities involved in configuring or programming special web effects and functions.

This combined with one of the most liberating features you’ll discover with Elementor Pro,  which is the ability of saving your custom design layouts as templates that can then be imported to your other WordPress projects. This is just one of the wonderfully useful and simple things you can do with Elementor Pro.

All in all, Elementor Pro is highly recommended solution for the general web development orientated user and agency, as well as the “hands-on web creator” And there is more to come….

Now on a frank note;

When considering the long-term economic stability of page builder options, there are several factors to consider when comparing Elementor Pro with the other comparative offerings.

However, here are some reasons why Elementor Pro might be considered a prudent option:

  1. User Base: As you may already be aware, Elementor Pro has a large and growing user base, with constantly new developments underway. In some ways this may also indicate its popularity and long-term viability.
  2. Cost: Elementor offers a range of pricing options, including a free version, which can make it a more affordable option compared to some other premium page builders. In fact, you can sufficiently get by starting off with the free version.
  3. Regular Updates and Support: Elementor Pro is regularly updated with new features and security fixes, and the company provides support to users through their knowledge base and community forums. This can help ensure that the plugin remains functional and secure over time.
  4. Integration: Elementor Pro integrates with a wide range of WordPress plugins and services, which can help users expand the functionality of their website over time.
  5. Scalability: Elementor Pro is designed to be scalable and can be used for a wide range of websites, from small personal blogs to large e-commerce sites. This can make it a good option for users who want to grow their website over time.

Remember, these are personal observations based on what we have seen and experienced, and the best page builder for a specific user will depend on their individual needs and requirements. 








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