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Q: How do I easily build a
decentralized website?

A: Use a simple to use decentralized single-page website builder.

An ‘all-levels’ solution for Web3 ready: artists, freelancers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and innovators… You’ve probably already heard of the decentralized web, or web3, but didn’t quite understand exactly how it actually works or how to build a decentralized website yourself…

How to build a decentralized website

Well, to start with, the decentralized web is an online ecosystem attached to a blockchain that serves a variety of websites and other content. So, what has sometimes been described as the dark web is actually a decentralized online ecosystem.

Now, the easiest method to date for building a decentralized website is to first secure your crypto domain. For example, we currently use software-folder.NFT.

You can purchase a crypto domain at websites such as Unstoppable where there are currently no renewal fees, as with regular website domains.

Now, once you have secured your crypto domain name, you can head off to Pazly.


What is Pazly?

The Pazly website builder is intended for all levels of expertise, where anyone can build a one page website for their crypto domain without the need for coding or any special IT knowledge for achieving satisfactory results.

Pazly is an easy to use one page websites builder with drag and drop UI blocks for building responsive websites for your crypto domain.

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But isn’t the Dark Web Decentralized?

Yes, it’s true. What is is often described as the Dark Web is also the case of a decentralised online ecosystem. However, contrary to what some people may think, the term derives from its hidden nature rather than a place on the internet where “dark activities” occur.

Discover IPSF for Storing and Sharing Data

Why not head over to the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) website, (a protocol and peer-to-peer network) to get a better idea of the decentralised web plus how to store and share data in a distributed file system. 

IPFS works by using a content-addressing method to uniquely identify each file in a global namespace with all connecting computing devices.

Along with unstoppable domains, use IPFS (InterPlanetary File System ) to secure your blockchain domain name and website. Display a brief portfolio of work, a short biography and other information on your IPFS Website. Start here