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Easil Design-it-yourself Content Toolkit.

Creating Content the Easil Way!


Create content in all the popular sizes

The Easil Toolkit gives you access to 1000s of professionally pre-designed templates which you can customise using Easil’s drag and drop editing tools.

 However, what I think you’ll like most is how useful Easil is at helping maintain consistency throughout the material you share with your audience. You can conveniently save your fonts, colours, logos and brand images in your own Brand Kit.

What can you create with Easil?

Use Easil’s templates for any social media, including stories, or print design. Simply resize the high-quality templates to fit your design requirements. 

Design-it-yourself Instagram Stories

Below is an example I started off by using an existing template.

Tip: Work with your designer or team members in collating all your creative assets; fonts, photography, illustrations, icons, logo, colour-pallet and so on…

Prepare Instagram Stories

Software Folder AI Augmented Sky instagram stories
Software Folder AI Augmented Sky 4
software folder ai augmented sky 2
Software Folder AI Augmented Sky 3
Software Folder AI Augmented Sky 5
Software Folder AI Augmented Sky 6

Similar to many of the modern design apps, along with using the layers panel, Easil allows users to arrange elements visually with drag and drop editing.

round layers easil panel

There are many different templates and formats to choose from. Above demonstrates the use of an Instagram Stories template, however you can also find templates ready at the appropriate sizes for Instagram posts, Facebook, Pinterest and other items such as business cards and posters.

Easil is a Design-it-yourself Content Creation Toolkit with Drag and Drop Editing Features.
Easil allows you to easily manage, share and collaborate with team members on projects, whilst maintaining consistency throughout the material your audience sees.

Design-it-Yourself Workspace

Getting started is simple, however, you will be greeted with the option of going through an introductory guided tour.

Select from a number of well designed, customisable templates, store and share all your designs with your team with ease. 

workspace easil

Tip: Magically remove the background from uploaded photos. With a single click Easil allows you to remove unwanted background of the images you upload…

easil fonts images

Brand Assets Catalogue

In tune with its lean towards collaboration and visual brand management. Easil will allow you to upload and store your brand fonts, images and logo and access them whenever you want.

All in all, Easil provides a quick, orderly and convenient place to store and access the correct brand colours, fonts, logos and images. Simply create a catalogue of your exclusive brand templates and share with your team.

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