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Introducing the game-changing WordPress course building and membership site solution.

What is Content De-coupled Drip Scheduling?

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Structured Content Drip Feeding for Membership sites…

If you’ve ever tried making your content only available to specific users subject to their activity within your online course or membership site. 

You probably already know just how cumbersome and time-consuming this can be, especially when you are using a number of different plugins or third-party software integrations, that need configuring, and so on. 

And then, to top it all, there may be the need for repetitive copying and pasting of your courses items. 

Well, I suppose you’ve guessed by now, that I am going to show you to a cutting-edge content scheduling solution

thrive apprentice Drip

Most Flexible Drip Feeding Solution for WordPress

De-coupled Drip


1. Unlock Specific Lesson Content

Whether grouped or one-off courses, with this option you have the flexibility to configure specific content to unlock as your members perform personalised tasks or calls-to-action. 

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2. Parallel Schedules for a seamless cohort learning experience

Offer parallel Drip schedules without duplication or confusing content access. Unlike other solutions, simply create an alternative course Drip schedule with a new start date, or…
In short, sell and deliver your online course in any number of ways to fit your business and audience, all without duplicating everything each time.

thrive apprentice De coupled Drip

3. Quick Launch with Customizable Drip templates

Launch even faster with Customizable templates


4. Tease with partially locked content

Tease users with partially hidden, provocative content that unlocks when action is taken, or completely hide…

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Thrive Apprentice is a Thrive Suite Products

Running a Course Membership Site on Drip

Playing around with WordPress LMS plugins that work is one thing. Keeping online students engaged is a completely different story.

Well, as you know, in order to help with your decision making we have kind of made it our job to try out different software solutions, even if we are already happy with the current recommendations we already make. There is always something new cropping up, promising to offer great benefits and features.

However, my bet is that you’re either not happy, or simply tired of struggling with complex drip solutions that don’t offer the type of granular control you want.

The good news

There is a definite solution that has current user excited with a major update announcement about the Thrive Suite for WordPress LMS course builder plugin. 

Drip Schedules, has been one of the most in-demand features sought by serious course creators, agencies and content marketing entrepreneurs. 

With Thrive Apprentice’s flexible drip schedules you can:

  1. Automate access to your most valuable content –  Set up fixed date or evergreen content release schedules for lessons, modules or ANY of your digital resources.
  2. Launch drip schedules FAST – Select from multiple preset drip templates or customize your own from scratch. 
  3. Customize drip schedules with a visual drag & drop editor: Organize and control the release of your course content with easy-to-use, visual drip campaign timelines.

How to get started with drip feeding your content?

Okay, let’s cut to the chase, starting with the Thrive Apprentice 4.0 update which officially launches on Tuesday, 25 Jan 2022.

Now, with the above being said, there is something you may find useful to know; There is an upcoming price increase for Thrive Suite, so if you’re not a Thrive Suite customer yet, now is the best time to get access at the lowest possible price. ( Existing customers receive the new update for free). 


Get Started Today for Lowest Price

Get all the tools you need to launch an online course business that keeps students engaged with Thrive Suite:

✓ Thrive Theme Builder

Take complete control of your online school’s brand aesthetic with unrivalled visual editing for your entire WordPress theme.

 ✓ Thrive Architect

Rapidly create conversion optimised landing pages, login pages, sales pages and funnels to market your online course business.

 ✓ Thrive Leads

Grow your email list faster than ever. Design and deploy opt-in forms with ease, run A/B tests, analyse the data with automated reports and get actionable insights with ease.

 ✓ Thrive Comments

Engage with your online community by gamifying posts. Add Likes, up-votes, featured comments and badges in seconds.

 ✓ Thrive Ultimatum

Boost sales by running automated scarcity campaigns with unassailable limited-time offer countdown timers.

 ✓ Thrive Ovation

Collect rich customer and student testimonials to boost social proof for your course-based business without a fuss.

 ✓ Thrive Optimize

Improve conversions and digital product sales with straightforward A/B testing anyone can use.

Learn More About Thrive Apprentice

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