An Introduction to Story Chief

Content Creation, Collaboration, Multiple Channel Social Media Publishing and so much more…

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With story Chief you won’t have to move much to get lots done!

Besides its team collaboration capabilities. What I am really liking about StoryChief, is how you can start a project from absolute scratch, and the platform will take care of most, if not all of your content marketing and distribution needs from a single place.

StoryChief allow you to take care of all your content marketing from, creating and managing your blog posts, right through to sharing your content on multiple social media and network channels such as medium. And all from a single place.

1. Using the Story Chief Editorial Brief Feature

Made for writers, by writers

Assign tasks to different team members: Create and share your editorial brief with your team, guest writers and other collaborators. This will act as a guide or reminder so you can remain focused on the intended objectives. Things like; Who is the audience, Why this story, How the message is be conveyed, etc.


2. Formatting and Visuals with Story Chief

Easily embed or import media to your content. Including; maps, images, video, web forms and more.

Tip: Use the pre-formatted dummy text as a guide for ideas on how you may structure the reader journey through your content…


3. Story Chief Editor – SEO and Readability

Aim at producing content with as much search engine visibility as possible, starting with some basic on-page SEO for each of your post. The  the StoryChief SEO optimiser will help you with optimising your post with the best suited keywords, heading, and other attributes that search engines like. 


4. Story Chief –

Summary Page

3 part summary page. This where you start preparing for how your content will communicate when shared on social media

  1. the cover image
  2. the excerpts
  3. categories, tags


5. Collaboration Features

User roles – create users and assign a role. This allows you to easily restrict team members to specific tasks, whilst monitoring activity, so you know when a task has been completed, and by whom. 


6. Audience and Publishing

Multichannel distribution magnified!!!

Wooooahh!, before you even get started, it might be a good idea to configure the integration between StoryChief and your social media channels.

StoryChief answers the challenges of the modern marketer.

Use StoryChief for collaboration on interactive articles and one-click multi-channel distribution. And all from one place.

Story chief is a simple all-in-one Content Marketing Workspace used by thousands of creators. 

You can do things like; track how your content is doing. Reads, views, and other info to help you to analyse your performance.

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Content Creation, Collaboration, Multiple Social Media Publishing and more…

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