Email Marketing Workflow

How the process works using Constant Contact as an example

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Email Marketing Basics

A. Email Personalisation

1. Customise your experience.

First customise your experience . If you have a website address, enter it here. This part of the process will only need to be done once and will help with things like tailoring an experience that suits your skill level and industry needs…

2. Access the dashboard

Select an option. In this case let’s create an email using a template…

B. Create Email Using Templates

3. Choosing a template.

Now it’s time to select a template, there are loads to choose from. You can even start from scratch.

4. Create email with drag and drop

Finally the really fun bit, putting your email marketing message together with your logo, images and some great copy.

C. Send And Track Email Progress

5. Finalise your email

Complete you email by selecting the recipients, subject, and other details. Select send now, or schedule your email to be sent at a specific date.

6. Track your email

Monitor how well your messages are doing

D. Integration enhancements

All-in-one Marketing Solution

Over the years, email marketing services have evolved by providing the tools and strategies that marketers use. These all-in-one solutions attempt at making the process of acquiring leads, through to making sales, as seamless and intuitive as possible.

This can be quite challenging as there are so many components and varying requirements involved. Fortunately, there are some services that have done a relatively good job at building a user friendly interface. And include the latest visual automation and other clever tools.

As for the strategies, namely, the use of landing pages and websites, you’ll find that many of the leading email marketing services have included these capabilities within their platform too.


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