What is Software Folder dot Com?

What is Software Folder dot Com? Untangling the links and click between creativity and technology What is Software Folder’s background? Software Folder is the eventual

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In Search of Memories

Action Travel Photographer in Search of Memories: https://tinyurl.com/atp-part1 Posted by Software Folder on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 About this video The Gear Behind This Video

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Headless WordPress Website

Glossary What is Headless WordPress? Headless WordPress refers to the static pages generated not by WordPress itself but a Front-End Javascript app designed for generating

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What are LUT photo data files?

Glossary | SoftwareFolder Commonly known as Look-up Table, LUT is a term used to describe the attributes used for achieving specific computational shortcuts for applying,

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The Chaos Machine

The Chaos Machine An “Authoritative and devastating account of social media’s impact” (New York Times Book Review) tells the dramatic story of how Big Tech’s

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Software Folder dot Design | Business

Actionable creativity, business and technology related insights and tips.

Untangling the link between creativity & technology together

Software Folder dot Design BUSINESS is the result of years of passively playing around with different website ideas (namely themarketclick.com) and filtering down to the most organically resonating topics. Meanwhile, learning about the more obscure and nuance sides of internet business and marketing from the ground up. So expect something slightly different…