SEO, Why? How? and What?

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What is SEO and Why is it Important?

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SEO Introduction

Search Engine Optimisation, or better known as SEO, put simply, is the art of configuring your website property for ranking high on search engines such as Google. Which is why using relevant keywords within your content and advertising is essential for communicating what topics your content is about. 

For instance, and to get a clearer view of what I am saying, here is an example:

Jane puts up on a her website, a recipe for BBQ Chicken Salad and uses the keywords; bbq, chicken and salad.

Meanwhile, Mike does the same thing, however, he uses the keywords; hot, chicken and for sale.

In such a case and with the user searching for a recipe, one would most likely come across Jane’s content ahead of Mike’s in the search results.

In a nutshell, SEO involves the configuration of your website properties and content in a manner that is best suited for, firstly, the search engines, but more importantly to result in good user experience. 

There are many components that constitute SEO; from the way you format your content, to the relevance of the keywords you use and everything in-between.

Below are 4 components that contribute to strong SEO strategies:

1. Keywords

This is one of the first steps to any SEO plan, it helps with identifying and aligning with what people are actively searching for online. It is often suggested that going for long-tail keywords of between two to six words will help provide more opportunity for ranking high as you lessen the competition.

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2. Content Relevance; Meta descriptions and Tags

This is the process of fine-tuning and making your content readable to users by using meta descriptions and tags which your existing, or new customers will most likely relate to.

Typically your content must be unique and not duplicated without canonical reference. Plagiarised content is strictly a no-no

– Your content should be readable, clear and of good quality. This includes text, videos, images, literature…

– Include tags and meta descriptions to help grab the attention of your audience. Tags and meta descriptions act similar to conventional newspaper headlines and help arouse curiosity and interest using minimal text. This is also important for when sharing your content on social media.

– Your content should be mobile friendly (responsive).

3. Backlinks

Backlinks, better known as incoming links or inbound clicks are methods in which websites tend to link to each other as a means of signalling content relevance and popularity. Nonetheless, a site with the most backlinks to random, low ranking websites will not necessarily rank higher than a site with only a few backlinks to more reputable websites.

Focusing on growing backlinks to your site may not only help demonstrate your sites popularity or clout, but rather, for nurturing higher levels of trust and authority. Which in turn, often helps with receiving better customer reviews and referrals, hence more traffic to your content.

To elaborate, just being mentioned by a reputable and trusted website or business will actually help boost your search ranking. Whereas backlinks from uncertified or untrusted websites will receive lower ratings.

Backlinks may be considered as receiving votes of confidence from one website to another, letting people know that your content is genuine, readable and above all useful. 

4. Social Media Platforms, Groups and Networks

Along the decades a lot has changed since the introduction of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. 

These Social Media Platforms attract millions of users on a daily basis. Therefore, making it prudent to establish a strong social media presence. Again, this will help with promoting and demonstrating your sites authority whilst also providing you with greater opportunity to engage directly with your audience.

Providing you have a social media account, this can be done by:

– Creating a social media button on your site for sharing your content on a third-party platform. For example; Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. 

– Creating a link or social media button on your site for directing visitors to your social media groups and business pages.

Is SEO really necessary?

Because of its complex nature Search Engine Optimisation may seem a daunting activity to anyone new to the world of digital marketing.

However, it is an essential part of the process, and is made up of multiple strategies, that even knowledgeable marketers can get wrong, there is always something new to learn or adopt . 

SEO is an ongoing activity and it is the continued practice of good SEO that makes your site more visible to search engines and thereby reaching your desired audience consistently. 

Listed below are three main reasons why SEO may be necessary:

In order for any website to be found in search results amongst the competition, at least some level of SEO is essential. Even the most basic title and heading tags can help…

Find tools to help with visibility

User Experience
There’s nothing worse than the experience of clicking a link that takes you to irrelevant content.

Find tools to help with User Experience

Audience Retention

By building a beautiful, professional and smooth running website with effective user experience. Fully equipped and automated with subscriber forms, payment checkouts, plus works for different devices i.e. smartphone, tablet and desktop. A friendly website will most definitely help increase a positive and trustworthy impression.

Find WordPress tools to help attract and keep your audience

SEO and Acquiring Web Traffic

Organic Traffic

Unlike Pay-to Click (ppc) advertising, organic traffic is the website traffic traffic you receive which you have not directly paid for. This the typically comes from visitor searches via the various search engines.

Here are just a few examples as to how to acquire organic traffic:

(a) Get Social: use of social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are just a few way to help promote your content for organic traffic.

(b) Use Beautiful Headlining and Presentation: use compelling headlines, and eye catching graphics and photos…

(c) Try Targeting Long tail Keywords: as mentioned earlier in this article. Long tail keywords provide opportunity where there may be less competition.

(d) Create Responsive and Fast Performing Sites: again, as mentioned, a site that performs well across different mobile devices as well as a desktop computer, is always a huge help in accommodating and retaining a larger audience.

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a keyword research tool that helps with finding topics and ideas people are searching for on engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Advanced digital marketers around the world have rated SEMrush  as the number 1 keyword research tool for this job. 

For example, using the SEMrush Keyword Overview tool, one can simply type in a keyword to call up an array of information for helping with decision making. 

Access details such as the number of monthly searches you receive for specific keywords, which parts of the world you are attaining the most traffic, what’s becoming popular and likely to trend, peek at competing websites, and so much more.

SEMrush helps pull data in two ways to help understand how your competition is performing. They are listed below:

(a) Search Bar (URL search) this is performed by typing in the URL website into search bar it pulls data reports on domain. this helps you research competition and create better and forceful ways to compete.

(b) SEMrush Projects  tend to gather data from outside their database. they analyse website visibility to view and knowledge of how to go around competing. Use SEMrush Projects smart recommendations for improving online visibility and tracking performance over time.



So in conclusion, I would say that without SEO and algorithms it would be easy to manipulate or cheat results so that the hardest working, more deserved sites are pushed back. 

It is also necessary, in my opinion, because it is Google or a search engine’s method of determining which websites deserve to be ranked high and ultimately providing fair results.


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