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The Live Chat App for WordPress and Woocommerce Projects

A Perfect Combination

What can you say about live chat messaging apps besides the fact that they allow customers to engage with a real person whilst seeking support about a product or service online? 

Flabbergasted by how advanced some apps actually are today, led me towards taking this second look at the LiveChat app and how it can be used with WordPress.

I mean after all, how different can the action of messaging be from one chat app to another?

Well, that’s what I thought, and like you, I am also a WordPress user fully adverse with the expression; “There’s an app for that!” where it comes to the WordPress platform. And sure enough there are tons of WordPress chat apps  and chat bots to choose from.

So what’s special about this LiveChat app.

Okay, to start with, this LiveChat app is really simple to install on any WordPress website, including sites running the Woocommerce plugin. Which, can be a pretty essential tool for online shopping stores.

Now, what else really makes this LiveChat app special, is that it takes care of a number of opportunities for both helping customers and accommodating purchases that may have otherwise been missed due to the nature of the internet. But, overall for me, it’s the whole user experience with the interface; from the way in which the interactive dialogue appears, to the cues that signal activity. You can get some idea of what I mean by visiting the demo.


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ChatBot is a one-in-all solution that lets you create fully operating chatbots. The scenario tree structure and drag and drop interface are very intuitive.

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