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DIY Packaging -

How Packhelp Works

Present your business in a better light when shipping products to your customers.

Packhelp provides a simple way to apply your own designs to a range of packaging templates. Ideal for visual branding, events and seasonal promotions. 

to get started…

1. To get started with Packhelp, first sign up here

2. You’ll need to top up your Packhelp wallet, of which there are 4 levels. Each one tailored to help you save months on your recurring packaging expenses, the Packhelp Wallet gathers all your discounts and savings into one place.

3. Create your unique designs navigate to the templates page by clicking the (a) Packaging Template tab from the menu, then select the type of boxes you wish to work on. Select from the options available and choose “Start from scratch”

start from scratch

4. Choose size. After you have selected the size click Done

5. You are now ready to start applying your design in 3D Select the button below to learn how to start applying your own design

Packaging Help

Start with some inspiration

Packaging Mockups

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