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Free Email Marketing Plan and Content Creation On a Budget

If you had to pick, ConvertKit’s Free Plan, or All-in-one CRM?

Which Lead Generation Tools?

Content marketing today can easily brag of driving higher conversion than traditional marketing (Infographic). But, there are so many different software tools out there for helping you as an individual, or you with a team of collaborators, create great looking content that resonate and is readily received by your specific audience. 

So which content tools should I choose?

The thing is, whilst it’s great that you may have what people find useful or interesting as a product or service, the problem is, each and every time you wish to reach your custom audience or even widen your audience reach. The chances are you will need to venture the journey of paid advertising strategies, or find a means of growing your own captive, committed, or at least an audience that you have continued  access to.

Now, that “kinda” leaves you vulnerable and at the mercy of the platforms providing digital advertising  and marketing services. And it is for this reason most businesses include email marketing as a strategy for growing their own list of people interested in what they offer. It’s the nearest thing to having a captive audience. What do you think?

Lead Generation

As I was saying there are so many different software tools out there. However, where it comes to lead generation, simply starting an email marketing account is only the start of your audience growing venture.

Email Marketing Service Fees are often the first barrier…

For most individuals or small businesses the first, and most common problem is the cost for using one the more decent email marketing services available. 

Realising this, services such as ConvertKit allow new users  to first meet a healthy number of subscribers before becoming eligible for making payments. This can be very helpful for especially beginners. And ConvertKit is one of the first email marketing services I have come across that clearly states their philosophy as one built for helping creators truly get started.

Why did Convertkit launch the free plan? 

On a mission is to help beginner creators earn a living by adding a free entry-point, ConvertKit believes this will remove the large roadblock for beginner creators towards actually earning a living online. 

The free plan is tailored specifically for beginner creators and especially creators who don’t even have a website yet.


contstant contact form email easy
60 day free trial (no credit card required) for US & Canada

The WordPress Website Lead Capture Option

Now, the great thing about ConvertKit’s Free Plan, (as opposed to most other free plans) is that it also allows a decent level of integration capabilities. For example, I like the way ConvertKit allows you to first create landing pages which you can host from their servers, and then how you can also add ConvertKit’s WordPress plugin and serve your landing pages using your own domain name and website.

Just select the form or landing page you wish to use, from a Page or Post, using the WordPress Editor.

Normally I would recommend Thrive Leads for this, especially as ThriveThemes as a company, specialises in conversion focused tools. The passion for which you can detect from just going through their content. 

However, you can pretty much get away with just using ConvertKit and your WordPress website. Or, even ConvertKit alone!

Now, I have to mention Constant Contact, who are sort of like the  veterans of email marketing. They’ve been around for a while, and they’ve kept up with the times too. You can get an idea of the Constant Contact workflow here.


Looking for an affordable, true all-in-one CRM?

Now, depending on your type of business it may be a Customer Relationship Management system that you are looking for. Something to manage all your sales and marketing. 

Well, Keap’s all-in-one email marketing and CRM allows you more control and personalisation over your customers journey, You can learn more below

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