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How is AI used today in business software?


It doesn’t take too much of a guess to predict that software trends for the future will include those that use artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

But, how will you use AI software?

Currently you’ll find clever software for generating alternative text suggestions for those repetitive tasks such as completing descriptions for e-commerce stores, or, software that recognise and learns the composition of an image right down to a specific person.

Here are 4 useful AI software apps you should know about

Excire Foto, is a super intelligent image management tool that can automatically tag your photos right down to the finest detail.

After further optimisation and now available in the current version 1.2.2. Excire Foto offers lightning speed, precision and detail. Excire tags your photos based on dominant colours, objects in the image, photographic terms …. LEARN MORE

Skylum software to date has been the most innovative and inspiring example of AI and creative photography editing merged.

Both Luminar versions are brilliant for portrait photography editing and exceptional for everything else. Choose between Luminar AI the photo editing choice for the creative photographer, or Luminar Neo, the image editor for the Photo-Artist that requires even more control and editing features.

Trial downloads are also available here.

At first, I was a little skeptical about the idea of a robot writing content for you. However, after first finding a practical use for a real project, I realize just how useful this type of AI software can be.

In my case, rephrasing the product descriptions for an e-commerce store can be a fairly time-consuming and somewhat repetitive task. Especially where you need to describe a product for SEO purposes without changing the meaning or intent.

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Whilst Thrive Automator isn’t exactly described as AI software and still currently in beta version (at time of writing), understanding how it works will open your mind to how AI technology can be used to enhance automation and user personalisation.

If you are a developer, here is your opportunity to contribute in building the ultimate automation tool for WordPress.


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