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What is a Content Creator?

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content creation

Generally speaking anyone that prepares content for commercial consumption can be deemed as a content creator. Typically a content creator is responsible for preparing the desired media for communicating a message and encouraging engagement (contd…)

What is content and do I need a website?

In the context of a commercial business a content creator may have a number of varying creative and technical skills, combined with content marketing know-how. Which may also include building websites or website pages as part of their content creation process.

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What is Digital Content Anyway?

How do you make money just tweeting or writing blogpost?

There are still parts of the world in which we all live today, where speaking about topics such as ‘digital content’ is likely to be interpreted as talking about peaceful happiness or satisfaction.

So detached from the mechanical understanding of the internet and how it relates to the real world. It’s no wonder there are so many grey areas for many where it comes to the question of; How is content monetised?

I know, stinks — right!

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