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What is International Creator Day?

Although at the time of writing this content, I couldn’t find any conclusive information recognizing International Creator Day as an official government holiday, as was first thought. 

There is however, a steady growing movement towards its recognized celebration over the years.

So, what is Creator Day all about?

Going by a number of names including; World Creator Day, Content Creator Day and simply Creator Day, the International Creator Day is celebrated annually on the 23rd April and is dedicated to the celebrating and honoring of the achievements and contributions by creators from around the world. 

It is a day to recognize the hard work and dedication of those who use their creativity to bring new ideas, stories, and art to life. It is a day for community engagement and events.

What Events Take Place During International Creator Day?

Besides online streaming and other live events, including festivals and workshops, International Creator Day has been used as a day for 

Software Folder Noteworthy Creator Day Spotlight

Now, as part of our belated Creator Day celebration we decided to put the spotlight on a number of impressive creators we have on our radar and come across, especially whilst typically roaming through the different social media platforms.

So, here we go, starting with Twitter, followed by Facebook and Instagram, and finally YouTube, we put the spotlight on noteworthy creators that provide; 

a) helpful, 

b) actionable, and 

c) inspirational content.


Whilst Twitter continues with its ongoing evolution since Elon Musks’ ownership. Twitter has been a useful tool for many small business and individuals and provides a means for reaching out to an audience without necessarily spending on advertising. 

AI Educator Kris Kashtanova provides plenty inspirational challenges for fellow creators exploring the AI image generation world. 

Also providing content related to Artificial Intelligence is Barsee – The AI Guy, who’ll keep you up to speed with what’s what and when in the AI world.


Facebook is a popular platform for both the general public and business users. However, it does require quite a bit of configuring where it comes to reaching out to an audience. 

Facebook Business Pages and Groups are useful tools for showcasing and discussing your interest.

With that being said the following include business pages and  groups we feel may be of interest to you. But first, let me mention our very own modest private group Content Creator and Design Group, feel free to share your work, or start a discussion.

Creator Artists on Facebook

Seeing that we are on the subject of the “Creator”, for this part of our exploration and “spotlighting” we have been for some time now impressed with the Art provided by MaasArt  (also on Instagram) and children’s book illustrator Ananta Mohanta.

Another impressive artist offering is that provided by Alexa Meade, who you can say; paints the most unique and realistic profiles ever. Just take a look, you’ll see what we mean.

Now if you’re looking for a place to keep in trim with creativity and tech. topics, our third noteworthy recommendation in this section is the Creators (@creatorsprojects) Facebook Page. Although it doesn’t currently seem to be very active of late, we still though it was worth mentioning, here’s a direct link to their content offering at VICE Art & Culture instead.


Instagram has been a tricky one as its format hasn’t really made it a place for us to consume informative content in the same way that you can with other similar social platforms.

Nonetheless it would seem that Instagram is home for the #contentcreator, there are so many. 

Anyway, what we have decided to do in this case is follow the hashtag #internationalcreatordayHere you will get an idea of people who have consciously participated in the International Creator Day celebration.


YouTube seems to be a platform that is synonymous with most perceptions of what content creation is. Especially as it is the easiest way to consume content and learn new topics.

Learning through video has always been an ideal medium and where it comes to teaching design in a digestible and relaxed format The Futur does a great job. If you want to refresh your design thinking or even learn from scratch The Futur  is a good place to start.

Another YouTube content creator we have been impressed with over the years is Marques Brownlee for his updates on technology and gadgets.