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The following is a collection of handpicked tools and resource for anyone interested in producing beautiful and purposeful websites using WordPress.

The idea is to provide you with; the most essential tools for building and managing a WordPress website without the need for any complex coding. The products recommended here are only suggestions based on personal experience, so you may find or already know of alternative examples.

However, the suggestions may still provide a staunch basis for preparing most types of business related WordPress websites or blogs from scratch.

Hope you find this helpful.

WordPress Skills

Improve your WordPress knowledge and skills, and build your own, or client websites confidently .

Starting with at least a basic understanding of what can be achieved using WordPress is enough to inspire you towards realising your own functional online presence.

If however, you are new to the WordPress platform, you may want to know a little more about how the platform generally works and what is possible. 

Fortunately, there are so many existing tutorials available online, that you’d be hard pushed not to find tutorials on any of the specific areas of interest you have.

However, if you are someone beyond the basics and ready to commit to a system, or could do with finding a reliable theme and page building system to adopt for the long term. The Free Thrive University is highly recommended. From here you will gain insights to building conversion focused websites using fewer plugins and yet covering all your marketing needs.



As you probably know, website security is always an important aspect of running an online business. But which plugins?

Although, your website hosting provider may also include security add-ons such as a Malware scanner and other security related items.  

One of the very first and perhaps most common step amongst many WordPress users concerning security, is to install the Wordfence plugin.

Wordfence, is a leading WordPress security outfit, dedicated to keeping WordPress safe. A Wordfence account  will allow you to monitor the state of all of your websites from a single central hub.



Wordfence Central

Keep it all together!

Use Wordfence Central for multiple website monitoring


Quttera Web Malware Scanner plugin scans your WordPress website for suspicious activities and both known and unknown malware.


WordPress Website Hosting

Website Forms and Integration

Now, where it comes to website form builder plugins, there are many to choose from...

However, if you are looking for a, not only simple to use, but also providing a comprehensive range of website form formats, including; surveys, purchase, events, booking forms and more.

Gravity forms may be just what you are looking for


Gravity Forms

Gravity forms provides one of the most complete range of form building options. From simple contact forms, to surveys and purchasing forms.

Thrive Leads

This one is especially for Thrive Theme users. Build practically any type of website form, from pop-ups to pop under, light box, exit, you name it,  and more…



Services such as ConvertKit allow new users  to first meet a healthy number of subscribers before becoming eligible for making payments. 

This can be very helpful for especially beginners. And ConvertKit is one of the first email marketing services I have come across that clearly states their philosophy as one built for helping creators truly get started…

Read blog post: 
Free email marketing plan     



Page Builder Plugins

Page builder plugins are one of the reasons why many creators opt for WordPress as their choice of platform for creating websites.

The ease of adding functionality and customisations that the leading WordPress page builders provide can be deemed as the most intuitive methods for building fully custom page layouts visually using WordPress over most other platforms.

This is perfect for creators that demand more control over the  functionality and the look of their website page layouts, including landing pages and blog post page layouts…



Typically, you’ll want to know the progress of your website. However, before progress, you’ll need to let people know you’re open for business.

This is where SEO is important and more likely to proceed in the steps you take towards setting up your website for collecting metrics. However, let us first dispel the idea that applying your own unique tracking codes and IDs to your website is a necessarily complex activity.

Keeping track of your visitors and other metrics concerning your WordPress website, increasingly becomes an important aspect for making decisions on where and how to improve your websites performance. Especially, when you are paying for advertising.

When and if you do decide to advertise, in order for anything to make sense during your ad campaign you may need to indulge with the necessary preparation of adding tracking codes to your site.

This is where things can sound a lot more trickier than need be. I could just simply suggest that you install the PixelYourSite plugin and take it from there.

However, I am sure that you’d rather know a little more about tracking. Well, you can check this post out now; or continue below.

Tracking codes and IDs

In order to gather any form of website metrics, you will need to be able to identify when a visitor has interacted with your content.

This is where plugins such a  PixelYourSite as mentioned earlier, steps in to simplify the process. However, you may also find the Insert Headers and Footers plugin to be just as simple and as useful, but a ‘lighter weighted’ solution.


Search engine optimisation is something you should immediately start practising the moment you publish your first piece of content...

To inform the search engines of what your content is about. You’ll need to provide data in a format that search engines understand. This will include the headings, text and keywords, and even your image alt tags.

Now, unless you have a thorough knowledge of writing for both humans and search engines, your best bet is to use an SEO plugin. 

A good SEO plugin, will guide you with optimising content for the search engines as well as human readers. Which is why it is important to write naturally, using only tweaks that help increase your optimisation score without compromising the ease of understanding what your content is about.

A good SEO plugin will help clarify the use of the necessary tags, descriptions and keywords for you.

Below are 2 leading SEO plugin suggestions in order of preference, however, you should read up, or even try each one out for yourself.

1. RankMath

2. Yoast



Which Tools are Missing?

Which plugins or themes helps you most with your online business?
Maybe you have a dream tool in mind…