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Imagine having a tool that helps you write your marketing and content copy for you, outrageous right? And especially if you are a copywriter.

All the same, even if you are a copywriter, the chances are; that you are busy with a number of projects and so any help with efficiency will not go unappreciated. Plus, what’s about writers block, surely you’ll need a boost of inspiration… [ continue ]

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AI that Writes for You?

Software that actually writes content? I am sure that it is no surprise to some that such software exists. After all, we are of an age where we  have technology that will enable a car to drive ‘it-self’, computers and software that will allow us to create virtual 3d objects and then realise them in physical form. 

Now, if you are wondering what is the name of the software I have in mind?  Let me tell you, It’s simply called

Whilst “Writers Block” may be a grey subject, and the team behind its development are said to be on a mission for providing help to the new emerging digital; agencies, marketers and entrepreneurs.

AI that Short-Cuts Photo Editing Chores

If you are familiar with Software-Folder, then I bet you MUST also know something about Luminar AI

Which, in our opinion is a significant contributor towards photo editing for photographers and photo artist of all backgrounds.

Built with AI technology from the ground up, Luminar AI works alongside your personal customisation and the utilising of the built-in data from professional photographers around the World. So, you eliminate the boring tasks towards getting where you want with your photo editing.

Luminar AI  takes away the pain of having to perform the tedious aspects of photo editing, whilst reassuring you with the ability to always have full control. Even with the AI technology running in the background.

Let AI Help Build Your Next eCommerce Store

SEO and managing performance data, isn’t something most of us find to be natural skills. In fact, It can seem like quite a pain knowing that its importance is perhaps greater than you expect, understand, or even dare to think about. Funny enough though, building an online store in the first place, can also be quite a pain. Especially if you have no website building skills. 

Hold on, so what am I implying here? 

AI can build a website and do the SEO for you, with no expertise needed?

Yes its true, well, sort of. You see, Store Builder by Nexcess is sort of on the way to providing just that; a “fill in your details” and AI will do the rest approach. Plus, there’s special hosting for Woocommerce store developers. The SEO challenge however, will likely require the use of additional software. Oribi, currently comes to mind. 

How Nexcess Store Builder Works? 

The first step is to answer a few questions intended to define the nature of your business. Then, it’s a matter of tweaking your homepage and adding your content or products. Of course as always, things are never as straightforward as it appears on the surface and besides tasks such as connecting your domain name to your new store, you may also need to configure any third-party integration.

The infographic below, demonstrate how 2 different types of businesses may benefit from a Store Builder account. 

apparel store
pet store

Practical SaaS: Luminar Neo – Part Two

From Luminar Neo version 1.5.0, you can expect even greater flexibility and power with the introduction of a range of incredibly powerful extensions. And surprisingly for a fee that wont shock you, especially the lifetime license offers.

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Listen and Learn with Curio

What is Curio? Access and listen to more than 50 trusted publishers expertly curated and professionally narrated.   Software Folder | BUSINESS Most of us

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Business Owner Holiday Gift Idea

And now, as the year draws closer to a new beginning, it’s time to stand out and express yourself, with a gift idea or message that is meaningful; something relatable, something worth keeping, something anyone can find useful.

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