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Well you knew it was coming, and at last, a practical use of AI for your website, that is really easy to implement.

Read on to learn how to add a chatbot to your website based on your own data.

What is Chatbase?

Simply put, Chatbase is an online platform that allows web creators to easily generate code for embedding a customized chatbot widget on their website.

To get started ourselves, we simply created a free account which then gave us access to the Chatbase dashboard, from there, we were able to  to add and connect a data source including our website. Really that simple…

notion-chat-base dashboard-600

Connect data sources for your chatbot to learn from, including Notion pages...

From our Chatbase dashboard we have a selection of data sources to choose from. This includes; Files, Text, Website, Q&A and Notion. However, in this case we opted for connecting to our pages on the Notion platform.

Adding the Widget to Your Website

Once our data was processed, the generated code available under the “Embed on Site” tab was copied and pasted to the Sample section of this page.

notion sample code

The generated code consist of an iframe and a Script. Paste the iframe where you want your chatbot widget to appear on your website pages. The script in this case will present website visitors with a chat bubble


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