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The All-in-One Smoothie Learn about our wish list worthy content suite of tools for WordPress Thrive Suite Photographic Prints Create your own artwork posters with

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What is Oribi?

Analytics made friendly In short, Oribi is a relatively new platform that simplifies the whole practice of setting up and monitoring the performance of your website.  is

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Starting a new online business

Are you in the process of starting an online business venture, and happen to be the type of person to do it yourself?

3-Part Content

1. Website Customization and Why WordPress?

With such a wide array of plugins, themes, software services and other customisation tools, WordPress, with its relative ease-of-use, makes an excellent choice for anyone starting a blog or business website with dynamic content.

With there being thousands of themes and plugins to choose from – customizing your website to look and operate just as you imagined is made even easier with the right Website tools and Plugin Suites now available.


If you are still in the middle of deciding which website building platform or software to go with amongst the more popular Content Management Systems (CMS). WordPress is likely to be somewhere in your list of possible options.

What is CMS?

Simply put, a Content Management System (CMS) allows users to create, edit, collaborate and organize content without having to implement any code themselves.

There are many different CMS platforms and frameworks to choose from. So to help you quickly narrow your search, I’d like to personally recommend WordPress as a solution for most business website used.

Now, there are reasons why some designers and developers may choose a CMS such as Joomla over WordPress, namely due to the difference in ‘organisational’ structure. Where Joomla is considered to be far more flexible or suited for complex structures, as well as its Model-View Controller or MVC concept.


I just want to build a store.

If you’re looking for the more website store-ready approach, then here are a few solution well worth checking out.

If you’re looking for the more website store-ready approach, then here are a few solution well worth checking out.

2. Integration and Automation

Integration with your favorite services and tools can help with a numbers of website enhancements and analytics monitoring.

Combined with automation tools, triggers and other configurations, turn your website into an efficient business machine.


Download Thrive Automator Free

Now available for use on unlimited websites for free, Thrive Automator is a WordPress plugin that allows users to create multi-plugin data management systems for efficiently managing visitor data.

Convert Kit

From growing subscribers to selling products directly to your audience, Convert Kit provides a complete marketing system within itself.

3. Website Traffic

Always the toughest part of starting an online business, is the task of generating consitent webiste traffic.

Whilst paid advertising is way too expensive for most small and startup businesses. Sometimes it is the only way to quickly send visitors to your website.

Build a Mailing List

Rely less on social media for keeping your followers and subscribers and start receiving and managing from your accessible own list.

Social Media

As much as you may not be into using Social Media, it cannot be ignored as at least one channel type that you may be able to get some free website traffic from.

Create a social media business page or group for encouraging engagement and discussion whilst building a community for directing to your personal list.

You may even get lucky with some low-budget advertising.

Search Advertising

Google and Microsoft Ads are the main 2 options for search advertising. However, can be overly expensive especially during the phase of establishing which of your ads work best.

Ideally, you want your advertising to work so well that you do not have to increase your spend, but rather spend less.

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