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Dear Business Owner, as more and more people will enjoy the convenience of shopping online for gifts this holiday. Are you ready to take advantage with your own unique products as gift ideas?

Well, you may not be the only proactive online store owner ready for the holiday shopping.

Therefore, standing out from your competition may require some quick thinking and early action.

And wow! do we have a solution, that although isn’t new, it does allow you to express yourself.

With your design, create a one-of-a-kind product that is useful and unique looking, that your customers will fancy buying for themselves, never mind buying as a gift.

minty chock legs

Start right now

Yes, I know it’s early, but, with the year drawing closer to a new beginning, it’s time to prepare and stand out by expressing yourself in style.

We‘ll help you find products to sell that make great gifts, with your personal meaningful message. Or, your design of something relatable, something worth keeping, something mostly anyone can find useful or inspiring…

In fact if you already have a few design ideas stored away, waiting to use one day, now is an ideal time to put them put them to use.

And it’s relatively simple to get started. Whether you have an existing website to use or not. This solution will have a workaround for your specific situation.

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Starting with POD

Yes, that’s right, POD, or rather,  Print-on-Demand, an inexpensive, convenient and efficient way to produce a variety of products, all embellished with your unique message or design.

Take the 3 popular product ideas we mention below for example. Where the goal is to provide gift ideas using products that can be useful to as many people as possible.

If you are not familiar, in short, Print On Demand as the wording suggests, is printing that takes place on demand. So, for example, when a customer makes an order through your online store, a notification is triggered to print your design to the item ordered.

This provides great benefits for YOU as an online store owner, as you can now free up time and expenses, and make some headway with the promoting and nurturing of your business, and all without the upfront expense of starting with inventory.

…although, if you have the budget you can always print in bulk for warehouse storage.


fixup weather jacket gold packed

Create your own unique designs – Start today

Now, hopefully your design will arouse the affections shared by people of a specific interests with the use of illustration, graphics or a typographic message.

Alternatively, you can design a pattern suitable for “all over printing.”

Now it‘s time to apply your own design using Printful. Once you have chosen your gifts simply upload your design and apply to fit your chosen products.

Printful, by the way, is a leading print-on-demand and fulfilment service, that also provides excellent resource and tools. Which includes, the easy-to-use mock-up generator for applying your designs to the array of products available for you to choose from.

We use Printful for our print-on-demand gear, just like the samples shown at our store.

Which, further reminds me that besides print, you can also have your designs embroidered.

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Personalised gifts are appreciated most when the recipient has some form of relatable interest. Which is why personalising the right products with print can make both practical and appreciated gifts.

Now, whilst there is a wide range of different products on which you can print, including; trainers, hats, and hoodies.

There are 3 items that tend to stand out as being the most popular and generally appreciated by most people as gifts that will actually get used (or enjoyed).

Here they are:

A) The Mug (an old-time favourite)
B) The Blanket (people are warming up to this one)
C) The Framed Poster or Photo (another old-time favourite)

Can you think of anyone that wouldn’t find at least one of these items as a gift to be useful?

Anyway, let’s go through each item and briefly describe how you can package your own product.

The Mug

Now here is a gift that can have your customers reminded of your brand every morning, so choose a pattern or design that you know your audience will relate to.

ecwid order product file 9f420dbf c999 4f39 a412 0aa7d731f668 preview default

The Blanket

Notice the theme here? Yes, it’s all to do with cosying up with a cuppa and a warm blanket.

This one may call for a relaxing warm coloured pattern. Again, something you know most people will make use of.

Let Creativity Flourish Pattern

The Framed Poster

Okay, we’re just showing off now with one of our illustrated posters and inspirational  message.

Hmmm 3 Lifestyle Landscape 1

Message: When you’re deep in thought and at a crossroad with making a decision. Just stop. Breath. And check what’s happening around you. You may not have to do anything at all…

How Printful print-on-demand works?

To get started with Printful, first create an account. Once inside, you’ll be able to:

  1. Select a product
  2. Access the mock generator
  3. Upload your design
  4. Save your product, adding description and other details

Create A Unique Gift Today

One more thing – fulfilment

To make the whole experience smooth for both you and your customers Printful will handle the shipping direct to your customers doorstep. (please check for latest details)



Help with gift ideas for everyone…