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Build A CustomGPT ChatBot

What is CustomGPT?

I bet you’ve thought about it already. You want to create your own customized AI chatbot… don’t you?

Introducing the ChatGPT chatbot builder

CustomGPT will enable you to create a ChatGPT chatbot using your own business content within a secure, privacy-first, business-grade platform. And all without any coding necessary by you.

Hey, I’m not saying that this tool is just for people who do not know code.

What I am implying is that, as you can now develop a chatbot specifically for your business content, can you imagine how you can leverage the exposure of your existing content?

With your personalized chatbot embedded into your website, you can create the perfect branded experience for your customers and employees.


Ideas for your CustomGPT business chatbot

How to make practical use of AI technology and CustomGPT

Built with trainable ChatGPT APIs, CustomGPT can be used to help resolve a number of business challenges, such as improving customer engagement while saving money.

Overall, with your personalized chatbot, you can Improve Customer Service on your business website or app as well as provide relatively accurate results from an array of personal sources, including documents (PDF, Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Text files, audio files, and Video files).

All this will allow you to free up your time to focus on other tasks and further lower costs for our business.

How do I upload my PDF files
to build a ChatGPT chatbot?

Easy! to upload your PDF files for building a ChatGPT chatbot, you need to use the “Upload” feature within the platform.

This feature is accessible in the “Create Project” flow. You can upload a variety of document formats including PDFs, DOCs, PPTs, and many more. The platform supports over 1400+ document formats.

Remember, each file you upload should not exceed 100MB. If you have a file larger than this, you might need to use an online file splitter to break it into smaller files.

You can upload up to 1GB of data in batches of 50 files at a time.


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CustomGPT offers the following pricing models to meet a variety of business needs.

  1. Basic ($49 /Month): 3 custom chatbots (projects); 1000 pages/chatbot; 10 million words content, 500 queries/month
  2. Standard ($99 /Month): 10 custom chatbots (projects); 5000 pages/chatbot; 20 million words content, 1000 queries/month
  3. Premium ($499 /Month): 100 custom chatbots (projects); 20,000 pages/chatbot; 100 million words content, 5000 queries/month
  4. Enterprise (Custom pricing): Custom parameters based on enterprise needs (requires annual commitment). We support service orders and POs.

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