F#ck Content Marketing

Randy Frisch 

F#ck Content Marketing isn’t a book for content marketers.

Instead, it’s for everyone in the organization who needs better context and direction for how to drive demand, revenue, and relationships with content. Truly effective companies (and marketers) create content experiences, drawing the customer into an immersive infinite scroll that mirrors the consumer experience of Netflix, Spotify, and other billion-dollar brands.



Eight Principles of Creativity

Landor Associates

It is hard to think of a human ability that has had a more profoundly positive effect on the world than creativity. This one human capacity has generated so much. It is individual and universal, intellectual as well as artful, born of inspiration and made with determination. Distinctly human but often misunderstood, creativity is fundamental to life. At Landor, it is our life’s work to constantly build our creative capabilities in service of our clients’ businesses. Here are some things we’ve learned along the way.

Creativity Book List


Untangling the link between creativity & technology together

principles of design

8 Principles of Design

Great strategy calls for intelligent, incisive design to carry it out. Here are eight hallmarks of great design.

-Landor Associates


Music Production For Beginners 2020 Edition:

How to Produce Music, The Easy to Read Guide for Music Producers. Learn everything You Need To Know About Making Music In One Place!

- Tommy Swindali

2020 songwriting swindali


Songwriting : Apply Proven Methods, Ideas and Exercises to Kickstart or Upgrade Your Songwriting

- Tommy Swindali


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