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Bee Free Email Designer

Email that looks good…

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Email Design Software

Is BeePro the best email editing
and design tool you’ve seen so far?


As your online business start to take form, the need to keep up-to-date with the most efficient, effective and attainable ways of enhancing your offer and online presence become more and more important aspects of running and fuelling your business with an actively responsive audience.

Which is why nurturing your very own community, or at least mailing list, is always a good idea. Plus it’s usually the most accessible means of retaining an audience that you can reach out to at any time.

So, on that note, after having stumbled across this indicatively named email design app – BEE Pro, I at first thought I’d share a quick how-to on getting started with BeeFree, but there was no need… 

And it’s not just that it’s drag and drop simple to use. But the team at BeePro have already dealt with that side of things for us.

So instead we’ll just share our experience with building an email with Bee Free and then saving it as a HTML for import into our preferred email marketing platform. 

So from here I’ll pass you on to Kay, who will share her experience with using Bee Pro’s email design software for the first time.

Was BEEPro easy to use and who is it best suited for?

Our experience using Bee Pro
for the first time…

BEE stands for Best Email Editor and being a first time user on the free version I was simply amazed as to how simple, comfortable, clean and manageable this email software functions.

Here are some of the things that stood out for me:

What we especially like about BeePro is its Drag and Drop features wrapped with a neat, crisp user interface and intuitive design tools. Making the whole process and BeePro methodology simple for beginners or advanced users to quickly absorb. 

Along with this, comes easy to implement options for moving, redesigning, replacing, adding and deleting items…
 As BeePro allows users to export their designs in different formats, you can readily include the use of BeePro within your existing workflow.  

Exporting your completed email design with BeeFree


So far I have not experienced any setbacks or minor downfalls… Export options include:


I think you’ll like the available options too. Especially if you are all hooked up with integrated automations and your favourite email sending platforms such as Mailchimp and SendInBlue. I suspect, more will be added with time or demand.

connection options…

I am especially intrigued by the capability of connecting with Gmail. But, moreover, how well will the exported .zip file will import into MailChimp. So, here goes…

export option

connect with 3rd-party

Importing your completed email design to MailChimp

We have decided to import our design into MailChimp. Therefore, to ensure that all the images appear with our imported HTML file, we must select the first option; Get HTML and Images. 

This will allow us to save a .zip file to our desktop. Which we will then import to MailChimp.

import zip

From your MailChimp dashboard, under Campaigns, select Email templates and Create Template

create template mailchimp

templates page start

A new window will open, select the “Code your own” option. 

Now, select the Import .zip option.

templates page start

select import zip

Okay, so our only concern here is that the import will alter our design. Or, images may not appear as layed out…

dmfinder email

Well, here it is (above). As you can see, the layout has successfully imported, with the accompanying code if you need it.

Hmmmm, not bad at all.


As far as page builders go BeePro makes for a very useful and easy to use solution for not just building email design layouts.

You can also build conventional webpages… ( I see BEEPro as an excellent demonstration as to how content creators can easily adopt the practice, or provide services to clients, offering custom web page designs for marketing campaigns and funnels).

Your BeePro designs can be really useful for enhancing the visual journey through a customer sales funnel.