What are Luminar Looks?

Whenever I try to explain what Luminar “Looks” are, I get the feeling that it all just makes the editing process sound way too easy, and can give a false impression that takes away the value of truly “crafting” your photographs.

But as I have always thought and said l, it’s not the software, but what you do with it. Plus, it’s sometimes all about context, that makes a photo special.

So, although, I still have to admit that it is easy to generate great looking images using Luminar’s answer to what may be described as custom and customisable presets tool.

Laminar’s Looks feature certainly does make things a lot easier than previous methods of achieving the same photographic effects and edits that would normally require knowledge of using a combination of different editing tools, as well as demand more of your valuable time. 

And besides, the “click of a button” thing only applies if you are not looking for that extra boost for that dramatic fantasy look you might be after, for example.

So, you are likely to spend at least a little time fine-tuning.

Quickly Stylise Your Photos with Looks?

Now, in my opinion and depending on the capacity in which you work with photos and imagery, here is where I feel these instant “pre-set” tools (“Looks” in this case) can be very useful. Especially, if you need to make a number of images look like they belong together.

Often in the commercial world you’ll be presented with specific client goals and design specifications to work within, and it is this that may really determine the treatment you apply to your photos.


So, for example you may be preparing , let’s say, a photo for a book cover, as well as accompanying promotional material. Which is likely to also require different treatment, such as cropping and considerations for typography, plus any graphics that may be used in the overall designs.

So, whilst it’s true you can achieve satisfying results in a single click. As expressed above, the chances are, you are likely to want to tweak your photos for its specific end use. 

If you have a number of photos requiring the same or similar look, Luminar’s “Looks” will help you reach that starting, or even satisfied state faster. 

And the good news is that there are loads of done-for-you packs available for download. The following demonstrates a cinematic themed Look.

Cinematic Looks


Before & After photos by Illy Nodia.

Marketplace Looks Collections and More

Luminar “Looks” (Presets)

A conveniently fast solution for photo retouchers and photographers. Find done-for-you Looks for specific themes, such as; Portraits, Soft Portrait, Landscapes, Cityscapes and Cinematic, as demoed above. Tweak to your desire…

Oh, by the way, did I say that you can use Luminar with Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Photo for macOS.


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