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What is Augmented Sky?

An Intelligently Handy and Convenient Tool for the Photo-Artist and Creative Photographer.

Creative Photography – LUMINAR 4.2 (Free update)

Hey, have you noticed? 

An exciting community is emerging from the cracks of the creative digital arts world, where skills and creative disciplines overlap and technology constantly forges new and faster ways for artists to realize their ideas.


01 AI Augmented Sky

Built for Photographers
& Photo-Artist Alike.

I know – right! I am sure you’ve come across the odd one or two overly baked edited photo and thought;

“Hmmm, I know how easy it is to get carried away with those Luminar sliders…”

So, for cases where you may have gone a little over the top, or otherwise, Luminar 4.2 is even better at helping you finely-tune your editing. With convenient slider controls you can quickly achieve professional results at the right balance i.e. between natural, to fairy tale.

Now, Luminar 4.2 heralds the beginning of what may be described as an era for many Photo-artist and creative photographers to more affordably access tools that help make the photo-editing process less of a technical challenge.

Have you seen some of the “Luminar edited” images out there?

The great images tell you that there’s something about photo-editing, at least photo editing that works for its purpose, from the most subtle of edits to the extreme…

Ultimately, what tends to make a captivating photo is where there is a natural human acceptance of what is being viewed. This is often where the editing is, to an extent, not apparent to the viewer.

Inevitably the editing process is not always as straightforward as it could be. Who knows what you may stumble on?

It could be that the different images you are working on, may or may not demand different treatment when editing. This is an issue Luminar conveniently deals with.

Now, in order to achieve a uniform appearance across a collection of images, for example. Luminar 4.2, allows a numbers of ways to quickly repeat existing results on new photos and maintain a degree of consistency and control as to how each individual image finally appears (you can see an example here).

In the meanwhile, continue below for examples of the Luminar AI Augmented Sky tool in action.

Perform Photo Editing Enhancement In Less Time

Think of Luminar 4.2 as a compact photo-editing power-tool for making photo look better.

Using Luminar 4.2, under the Creative tab, select AI Augmented Sky to add an object to your sky. Yeah, it’s that simple. You can use an existing object, or load your own.

The image on the right shows the Creative tab selection, and the Lightning object selected under the AI Augmented Sky tool.


layers adjustments amount

SoftwareFolder words of warning

Perfect for photo and “graphic” artists. But, try not to overdo your photo-editing


Fortunately, Luminar will allow you to pull-back the intensity of all your edits using the Layers Adjustments Amount tool.


The AI Augmented Sky tool

Content aware technology

Now, following the well received, and further enhanced Sky Replacement tool, which peaked popularity with the first launch of Luminar 4.0.

The later introduction of the AI Augmented Sky tool, provides even greater editing possibilities, and all without the previously required efforts using other software. This makes for a very useful addition to the Luminar package.

Just check out the image below. See how you can more readily achieve that overall mood of a photo by adding items that help complete your artwork as you may have imagined it!

It all works due to the content-aware technology built ‘inside’ Luminar 4. So, what every creative “image-maker” can now enjoy most of all, is the use of a powerful and professional photo-editing app, that is as flexibly priced as its users are flexible with their art.

Use the newest version of Luminar as a plugin extension with Adobe Photoshop and Apple software. Or as a standalone app from your desktop.

See AI Augmented Sky in action

3255 7118813255


The AI Augmented Sky tool in action

ai augmented sky hoops 735x1500 1
Underground original example


The AI Augmented Sky Tool in Action

What better way to experience the true benefits of the new technology but to try it out yourself. So follow these steps:

a) First, find a photo with a sky
b) Launch Luminar 4.2 (create a new catalog for your best work)

If you are not ready to purchase Luminar 4.2, why not download a free trial version

Find an excuse to use the AI Sky Replacement and AI Augmented Sky tools and create some art. Share your photos where you have used the  AI Augmented Sky tool on social media using hashtags; #aiaugmentedsky #madewithluminar

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The focus here is the simplicity of making your skies more interesting by adding items that “convincingly” compliment your overall photo and help tell your story in the way you imagined. It might be a good idea to start collecting and loading your very own photos of skies and other images.

Luminar 4 plug-in:

Adobe Photoshop (macOS & Windows)

Adobe Lightroom Classic (macOS & Windows)

Adobe Photoshop Elements (macOS & Windows)

Photos for macOS

Apple Aperture
(note that Aperture no longer runs in macOS 10.15 or later)


Simply include the following hashtags with your social media photo posts.

#aiaugmentedsky #madewithluminar