Starting an audience for your business

Audience From Scratch


One of the biggest struggles for any business is how to grow an audience, especially if you do not have the sort of budget that allows the type of testing or experimentation that businesses currently succeeding with their advertising have at their disposal.

It’s easy to make initial mistakes when starting out with the promoting of any internet business. Things aren’t always as they first seem. So, choosing free alternatives or unconventional advertising platforms may be your first mistake and could result in both you wasting time and money, as well as attracting the wrong type of audience, and that’s if your audience are even real people.

Ultimately, that really leaves you with the popular mainstream advertising providers such as Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.  Of course there are many others such as Amazon Advertising, Bing and Quora. Plus a slew of different platforms that help publishers (or bloggers) with monetisation of their websites, similar to Google Adsense.

It’s because most entrepreneurs spend most of their energy chasing the wrong goals…

– Shane Melaugh (Thrive Themes)

Starting from absolute scratch

The good things about starting from scratch in the right way are obvious, but besides getting to where you want to go quicker, you also learn how to go about shaping your brand to resonate and reach the right people without having to spend more than you need on ads.


Reaching the right audience with your advertising

Advertising can be expensive, but I guess you didn’t need that as a heads up.  In spite of the costs, there are methods that you can use to make things more affordable before gaining confidence to “scale-up” your ad campaigns. 

If you already have a Facebook account then you’ll probably already have had some experience with interacting with the advertising they run on their platform. Which includes Instagram, which is suited for photography, art and illustration.

There is a wealth of different audiences you can reach on Facebook for as little as, let’s say, $10 but it all really depends on a number of varying factors that relate both directly and indirectly to your product or service.

Managing your audience and receiving payments

Okay, so you’ve got a huge number of people visiting your website. What now?

If you are lucky you’ll also be making a huge number of sales or other conversions, such as collecting subscribers. To do this; 1 you will need a means for receiving payments. And 2, you will also need a website form for collecting subscribers.


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3 Ways to Start Growing Your Audience

As a bonus I am going to tell you about 3 ways that even I have been able to start growing an audience. You may have already tried at least one of the three. However, here they are for your personal inspection.

1. Email Marketing: has long been cheered as one of the most practical method for retaining customers that have already shown interest in what you offer.

2. Social Media Pages / Groups:  Use social media to engage and grow a following. 

3. Learn more: with Shane Melaugh

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