Artist Gift Ideas for Creators

Why Arteza for Artist Gifts?

Artist Supplies

Ordering art supplies online with Arteza is smooth, if you don’t want to set up an account you can always simply checkout as a guest.

You see, as creators themselves, the team art Arteza understands the creative and technical workflows that combine both traditional and digital art. So, they also understand the nuances of other creators…

Artist Gift Ideas...

Our top artist gift ideas include something for a range of disciplines and backgrounds; tools that are relevant for today’s art creators.

Artist Gouache


Gouache is another popular long-time traditional artist medium used by commercial illustrators. 

Similar to water colour Gouache is especially noted for its use at layering opaque colours.

Premium Artist Paint, 12ml Tubes – Set of 60
Usual Price: $47.99 – Get deal

Artist Markers

pouting serene

Digital illustration executed in “clean” marker style. Software used: Affinity Designer

Markers have always been a useful tool for both quick sketches and illustrations. 

Today many digital artist use software that helps emulate the marker drawing styles.

Markers are perfect for fashion, product and illustrative artwork.

With a choice of dual nibs, which are also replaceable, who wouldn’t love these markers as gift. 

These markers come in different packages; we recommend either the set of 72, or 144 markers.

Set of 72 EverBlend Ultra Art Markers
Usual Price: $98.99 – Get deal

Set of 144 EverBlend Ultra Art Markers
Usual Price: $179 – Get deal

Drawing & Sketching Bundles

Set of 33 Artist Sketching Tools and 3-Pack of Sketch Books

4H-14B Grade Drawing Pencils, 

In this bundle you’ll get a set of professional quality pencils, drawing tools and detailing accessories. 

Drawing & Sketching Bundle
Usual Price: $66.97 – Get deal

Sketch Pads

Mixed Media Pad

11″ x 14″, 60 Sheets – Pack of 2

Most great ideas start where? Yes, on paper. So better to be equipped with professional quality supplies with twin pack offers like this.

Mixed Media Art Pads
Usual Price: $23.99 – Get deal

Ultimate Scratch Art Paper

scratch art paper set of 42 x2qRahD4

Here’s something a little different. Create art with these soft scratchable surfaced art paper set.

Scratch Paper of 42
Usual Price: $23.99 – Get deal

More Artist Gift Ideas...

What should you buy for that talented young artist in your family or circle of friends?

Artist gift ideas for budding and pro creators...

What should you buy for that talented young artist in your family or circle of friends?

Something digital, maybe?


Hmmm, although everyone, you can say, has gone digital, this does not mean that our traditional tools are no longer essential. 

After all, have you seen those beautifully rendered marker illustrations on social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram?

In fact, even in the digital world, the execution of traditional techniques can be enjoyed in a digital format. 

Plus, there is nothing as satisfying as experiencing a simple pencil sketch develop into a logo, or even a full blown animation.

So, with all the above said, we have compiled both traditional and digital tools that will make appreciated gifts for todays emerging creators.

artist gift tripod
Portable 5kg SLR Camera Tripod
Photo Screen Background Stand

Artist Gift Ideas for Creators

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