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Why masking in Neo is better?

Why masking in Neo is better? Feature Highlight – Automatically mask up to 9 types of elements in a click: humans, transport, buildings, water, etc. Learn more: See Offer: Luminar Neo 1.0.6 has landed. Just as the enthusiasm and popularity of NFT Photography started to grow, we are pleasantly distracted yet again, as Skylum software…

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High Dynamic Range Photography

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin High Dynamic Range Photography and Aurora HDR Software Folder | BUSINESS In a short, High Dynamic Range or HDR Photography is a photographic process that uses a wide spectrum of photographic data in order to attain an images optimum amount of detail.  Typically this involves combining 2…

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Luminar Neo Official Launch

Luminar Neo Official Release Succeeding previous versions, Luminar Neo was officially released in February 2022.   TABLE of CONTENTS WINDOWS HotFIX FAQ & TROUBLESHOOTING START HERE Table of Contents Now with lifetime license… textures…. overlays “There is a fine line between the photo you took and the photo you imagined. Often, small details make the difference….

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Which Windows Graphics Software Roundup?

Windows Graphics software roundup just for our many friends, new readers and subscribers START HERE This is how we roll… rate explore inspire Windows Graphics Software for Mac… As a Mac user it’s inevitable that I’d favour talking about Mac related software. However, it seems that I have a lot more friends who use and…

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Best Camera Phone Photography Showcase #1

SoftwareFolder Best Camera Phone Photography Showcase #inspiration 1 We invite friends from around the world to submit their best camera phone photography for a Luminar make-over. Canadian Landscapes This project brings to life the beautiful unseen and untouched natural beauty this world offers. During this pandemic, many of us are unable to travel, so we…

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Dive Even Deeper with Luminar Neo Image Editing

Dive Even Deeper with Luminar Neo Image Editing Software.
When Images are More Than Just Photos​. If you haven’t been keeping up with our previous posts introducing the image editors new “go-to” application, Luminar Neo. Check out the posts for more insights on what to expect using the grey buttons below.