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Camera Smartphone for Real Work?

Phone photography CAMERA The practical and commercial use for photos taken with a camera smartphone. Resigning to the fact that the camera smartphone is here to stay, and not just because of the convenience of its portability and remote communicative features, but also due to the improvements to the quality of the camera and lens….

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#World Photography Day 2021

#World Photography Day 2021 Sale… It’s August 20th, and I didn’t know it was #World Photography Day.  Did you? So what’s it all about?   “A worldwide celebration of the art, craft, science and history of photography.” To begin with #World Photography Day is celebrated on the 19th… So, I am a day late with…

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#1 Free WordPress Automation Plugin

Discover how to unlock a whole stack of 3rd party WordPress integrations at once… FREE WordPress Automation Plugin Unleash the power of pro automation using WordPress Continue Reading DOWNLOAD FREE PLUGIN Take your WordPress projects to the next level today with smart automations. Create seamless experiences with your online courses and other end-user ‘funnels…’ Thrive…

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Photo Effects for Content Creators

GLOSSARY Bring Your Content To Life with Photo Effects Photo Effects for Content Creators Want it? Take it! – Photo Effects Transform Ordinary Photos into Moving Masterpieces: 3D Parallax Effect PhotoVibrance is a new 3d photo animation software, that enables users to transform ANY static photo into a dynamic MOVING image in minutes. Here are…

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Photo Studio v11.5

PhotoStudio Photo Studio v11.5 Now with 100% automatic background removal and cutout technology. Save Now! Who says we don’t also look-out for our Windows users? Actually, although mostly popular amongst Windows users, this offering is also available for mac OS.  Now, here’s something you’ll like, especially if you are an existing Photo Studio owner. As an…

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Luminar AI update 4

LUMINAR AI UPDATE 4 Portrait Bokeh Highlight Communicators and visual story tellers use Luminar AI to create great looking, professional content and artwork in less time. But, check-out what’s new in the latest update. FYI – To avoid confusion: Please note that Luminar 4  is not the same software as  Luminar AI (update 4). LUMINAR…