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macOs software and gear for creators 

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Mockup visuals

A simple drag-and-drop tool for producing quick screen mock-ups. Choose from a number of views, angles and backgrounds. Plus, you can insert your own screenshot into digital mockups for free.


Gifox (Create Gif animations of your screen)

Menu Bar Screen Cast Animated gif Maker

Create quick and simple gif screen recordings like the one above. Animated GIFs are a useful alternative to static images and full-size videos for visual demonstrations or instructions…

All-in-one Email Marketing System

Comes with a free Email Template Builder. Plus, you can choose from 100s of templates which can be further customised to your hearts content. Along with this, you can create landing pages and track your success with real-time reporting and robust analytics.

WordPress Web Development – Local Web Server

MAMP for Macintosh, Apache, MySQL, and PHP

MAMP works by installing a local server environment on your macOS or Windows computer. Basically, it is a free application that gives you access to a local Apache server—and open source server.


Streamline Your Everyday Tasks

Dropzone provides shortcuts to performing tasks on your Mac. Set up your frequently used tasks in the Dropzone interface, then simply drag and drop files into the shortcut icons to perform any saved actions.

• Stay on top of progress

• Stash files for later

• Customise your grid

• Write your own actions



A custom packaging solution for shipping your products beautifully

Want some inspiration? Check out these creative packaging concepts, and see how brands from your industry deal with shipping their products.
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Influencer and Creator Platform 

Manage influencers, create high-performing content and drive business results with  branded content ads

If you’re looking for a platform to run influencer or content campaigns, Insense has been built with you the modern creator and influencer in mind.


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Most Powerful, Flexible and Customisable Content “Drip” Feed Solution Ever.
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Thrive SuitE for WordPress

Yes, Thrive Themes are raising their prices.

It had to happen sooner or later. With so much value being offered you can imagine the minds of current long term users;

 “ How much longer will this last?”
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Good News

Thrive Apprentice 4.0 will be available as a
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As a new user, in order to get
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