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The following are just some of the apps we still use, or recommend...

Social Media

multi-channel social posting platform

multi-channel social posting platform

Creator Web Tools

tracking configuration tools

Creator Resource
Explore new ways to rephrase sentences.
Graphic Design
Vector, Image and Publication Design Software
AI Add-on or Standalone Photo-Editing Software
Website Creation
All-in-One WordPress Website Creation Solution
Visual Page Builder for WordPress


State-of-the-art cryptocurrency payment processor that allows you to set up and accept cryptocurrency payments.

With this all with one unified platform, readily collect payments, send billing invoices, convert payouts to fiat currency or simply track orders, and manage your crypto earnings

Save your website pages and assets to the decentralised web.



Me and this tool use to be everyday buddies for many years. Although, still the best for vector illustration. We’ve kind of gone separate ways. A phase maybe? Adobe Illustrator is highly recommended for pro industry users.

Now, if I really had to give an answer, I’d say this is the nearest to Adobe Illustrator. Another Affinity product from Serif. Affinity Design allow me to do everything I need for creating vector drawings, logos, and illustrations.


(Update: May 2022. This Application is no-longer supported)
As dodgy as this software can sometimes behave. It has been pretty good at handling basic vector graphics tasks, such as drawing logo designs and relatively simple illustrations.



Based on a new AI technology engine and designed for creative tasks with maximum performance and flexibility. Luminar Neo is the creative image editor for creators seeking high-quality editing results with the same level of satisfaction you get with Luminar AI.

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Discover how image processing has truly evolved to a place where the process has become less of a roadblock for creative photographers and artist bringing their ideas to life.

Visit Skylum

I really like how this software allows you to achieve great looking photo edits – no matter how extreme, or subtle, quick time!


If you are not familiar with Affinity Photo, well this is the closest true alternative I can find that sits anywhere near Adobe Photoshop for Mac. 

Affinity Photo has a sibling app for vector art called Affinity Design.


Luminar 4 is a professional photo editing app and plugin powered by cutting edge AI technology. this is a mean piece of software


I tend to neglect this one quite a lot. However, it always comes in handing for a quick photo synching solution, as well as off course managing your photos.

Its also pretty handy because of its seamless integration with other Apple software, by allowing easy access to your photos from within an Apple application….

I use this all the time for quickly resizing images and many other quick little editing tasks. Such as fixing screenshots, pngs, cropping, etc

Well, if you haven’t heard of Photoshop, then maybe you are really, really new to this, or, you’ve been living off-grid. 

I have an Adobe Creative Suite account, which I look forward to dipping into when the demand requires. 

AI Powered Photo Management. Read more

Excire FOTO is a software folder noteworthy and highly recommended AI-powered photo management software. If you haven’t yet seen it action, now is your opportunity to take advantage of a free trial offer tailored especially for creators and photographers of all backgrounds. Clean Your Photo Archive The Easy Way with Excire Foto 2022.



Use Xd for designing web pages or screens for prototyping and observing user experience for web and mobile apps.

Relatively easy to use and you can work with great precision.

Screen Design and Prototyping. Also very easy to use. However lacks a lot of the features found with Adobe Xd. However, still a great app. 

Okay, so when I decided to push the boat out a bit, regarding web design and development. And namely WordPress. MAMP is a very easy way to use your Mac as a server for running WordPress from your desktop.

You may need to download the Thrive Product Manager before you are able to access the complete suite. Learn  more

I like their angle on the idea of creating websites everyone can use. Shows that the people behind this app are both creative and responsible. Learn more


A more than useful apple equivalent to Microsoft Word.

As dodgy as this software can sometimes behave. It has been pretty good at handling basic vector graphics tasks, such as drawing logo designs and relatively simple illustrations.

If you know InDesign or Quark Express. This Affinity Publisher, Serifs answer to document publishing and design software.

Now, if I had to, I’d say this is the nearest to Adobe Illustrator. Another Affinity product from Serif.



All the Apps you’ll ever need in one App


Bitdefender – Learn more


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