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It’s Like an AI Calendar Business Lifestyle Optimizer.

SoftwareFolder|Why Motion AI Task Assistant?

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Why Motion AI Task Assistant?

What is Motion and How Does it Work?

Imagine your day divided between meetings and tasks while juggling different roles and responsibilities…

For one project, you may find yourself wearing your ‘marketing manager hat,’ and for another, you wear your ‘educator or coach hat.’

But how do you keep all your tasks and appointments aligned without oversight?

With the multiple components that may be involved in completing a project smoothly, you can understand why it’s easy to unintentionally skip something in the midst of the process.

To help keep things in order, the Motion AI algorithm works by scheduling tasks on your calendar at an optimized time and automatically moving the task to the next suitable time if you are unable to complete it.

The AI Calendar Business Lifestyle Optimizer

Can you see how this process can simplify the complexity of managing projects, meetings, and micro tasks with less effort than usual?

However, the popularity of Motion as a SoftwareFolder Noteworthy Business Tool isn’t solely based on this. It’s also about the overall usability and a friendly interface.

That’s why, upon first impression, we describe Motion as an AI Calendar Business Lifestyle Optimizer…

SoftwareFolder|Why Motion AI Task Assistant?

Work-Life Balance

Who Is Motion AI Task Assistant For?

As you’ve probably gathered, Motion is especially useful for busy working professionals who juggle many roles and responsibilities, often switching between meetings and tasks.

Whether you’re wearing your ‘marketing manager hat’ or your ‘educator or coach hat,’ Motion can help streamline your daily routine.

With notifications prompting you to focus on the most optimal tasks based on your data, Motion assists in prioritizing your workload, reducing the risk of oversight, and ensuring that important tasks don’t slip through the cracks.

Work Rest & Play

Moreover, Motion goes beyond business tasks; it also helps you make the most of your free time. It optimizes your calendar, finding the right moments to take a break, unwind, or pursue personal activities. 

This balance between work and personal life is crucial for maintaining a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. By efficiently managing your schedule, Motion allows you to allocate time for self-care, family, hobbies, and relaxation, ultimately enhancing your overall well-being.

Motion is primarily enjoyed as a web app, offering a seamless and convenient experience for desktop users. It is complemented by a mobile app version available for both Android and iOS platforms, making it the ideal choice for professionals who are constantly on the move. 

With the mobile app, you can easily add tasks, set reminders, and access your optimized schedule wherever you are, ensuring that you stay productive and organized even when away from your desk. 

This flexibility and accessibility are essential for modern professionals striving for work-life balance and efficiency in their dynamic, fast-paced lives.

Here are the key features you find with the Motion AI App; Integrations, Task Manager, Project Manager, Meeting Assistant and Calendar 


Motion can be integrated with Google or Microsoft accounts


Motion’s intelligent calendar automates your schedule by looking at all your upcoming tasks, meetings, and projects and creating a daily plan for you. It also reminds you when tasks are due and warns you if a deadline will be missed

Project Manager

Motion has features for managing projects. You can organize complex team projects.

Task Manager

Motion automatically builds a to-do list for you, prioritizes your tasks by importance, and tracks all your priorities. It also allows you to schedule recurring tasks

Meeting Assistant

Motion’s meeting scheduler feature serves as a virtual personal assistant. It can schedule meetings in 1-click and limit the number of meetings.

How much does Motion cost?



per month, billed annually

$34 billed monthly



per user / month, billed annually

$20 per user billed monthly

What integrations are available for Motion?

Motion allows you to connect with the tools that share with your team on a daily basis via API and integrations…

Native Integration

Google Meet
Use Motion to Schedule and join Meet calls directly from Motion.

Running late to a meeting? With the stroke of a button, send personalized meeting reminders and rescheduling requests.

Google Calendar
Motion lets you manage all of your assignments, meetings, and events. Use GCal to synchronize as many calendars as you like.


Microsoft Outlook 365
Motion lets you manage all of your assignments, meetings, and events. Use Outlook Calendar to synchronize as many calendars as you want.

Microsoft Team
Microsoft Team Calls can be scheduled and joined directly from Motion.

Zoom Set a time and join Motion makes direct Zoom calls.

Connect with thousands of the most popular apps using Zapier.

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