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No! not just a website builder, but a website builder with awesome membership and community features.
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A Website Builder with Community & Membership Features

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All-in-one Website Community Platform

How do I build a community without algorithms standing between me and my audience?

So, you want to build a membership site. And at first, you thought that maybe one of the popular social media platforms would suffice. 

However, you soon find that building a community without the interference of an algorithm that may actually be stifling your efforts rather than working for you, might be a better way for your business to move forward. But finding an attractive and simple to use alternative has been pretty thin until now…

Now, here’s an answer, the Mighty Networks approach. It’s something quite different to the usual all-in-one website building solutions around. Especially as it provides you with immediate access to tools during the ‘setup up process’ that allows you to readily compose ‘monetisable’ online courses, membership and subscription sites, or even run events – (kinda) straight out the gate. (You‘ll need to check it out to experience what I mean).

Anyway, even our favourite all-rounder, WordPress, can take a bow here where it comes to immediacy. However, similar to Shopify, which is tailored more specifically for e-commerce, a Mighty Network solution is perfectly equipped for doing the same, but for community based ventures.

Start Building a Mighty Network Community Today

A Mighty Network approach provides a number of options for growing at your own pace.  What you may innately find apparent with a Mighty Network is the focus on encouraging real engagement and attracting subscribers. Which, for me, emphasise how well this may work for online courses and membership based sites.

With this in mind, it is important that you have prepared yourself with a clear idea of what you want your community or membership site to do.

Getting started is simple, if you have an idea of the community you want to attract, and the name you would like to use for the service you are offering, you can start free here. Simply follow the steps, which will prompt you to choosing a name. Later you can select the features that are applicable to your idea and whether you want to manage a free or paid membership.

So, with your shopping cart ready you may also want to provide your audience with a an app, and depending on your other set-up desirables, you can always add third-party integration with the likes of Zapier for automation, Slack for further engagement, and Google Analytics for keeping an eye on your progress.

Expect to read more about this business software solution as I explore further…


If it’s simple you are after, and you are ready to start building a community, or looking to monetise an existing one. A Mighty Network makes building a community based service that accommodates membership payments and other essential features easy. 

Whatever your intention, you will certainly find a Mighty Network not only simple to use but also a very convenient way of bringing together; online courses, sales pages, and payments. Yep, all in one place and under a single brand and without algorithms governing. Try a Mighty Network for free below:

Mighty Networks

All-in-one website building business platform
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