Photography as an Illustration

Illustration Photography Storytelling with Photography London is a minefield for taking interesting photos. Even the most mundane subject matter can make a captivating image that

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2 in 1 Selling Your Photos Online

How to Start Selling Your Photos Online. If you’re a beginner, first you will need a good camera
Whilst the following tips aren’t anything new. It’s surprising how many budding photographers are deterred by, especially, website technology and getting their

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Portrait Photography Editing Today

An Evolutionary Approach to Portrait Photography Editing Table of Contents Bypass ‘preliminary’ photo editing chores. Imagine you’re just about to click the shutter, and an

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Cheating with Photography?

Does using artificial intelligence for editing photos diminish the integrity of the artist?
With the emergence of AI Photo Editing technology comes the inevitable question concerning artist integrity.

This is especially where a number of photographers, photo artists and the “purist” in us believe that the use of Artificial Intelligence takes away the creative challenge that differentiates a good artist from another. Something like that…

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