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4th Major Upgrade for Photo Editor Luminar



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The Future of Photography & Photo Editing Today!

In the dynamic world of photography, the art of capturing moments has evolved hand in hand with the technology used to enhance and perfect those moments. 

Photo editing has undergone a transformative journey, with advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) opening up a new realm of possibilities.

At the forefront of this revolution stands Skylum’s Luminar 4, a powerhouse photo editing tool that harnesses AI and machine learning to create awe-inspiring images. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the groundbreaking features of Luminar 4 and how they have redefined the way we approach photo editing.

The highlight of this Luminar update is the amazing way in which you can easily create beautiful skies that actually match your image.
Just take a look at the image above—beautiful, isn’t it?

Too dream-like, maybe? Well, that can easily be fixed

As Skylum goes from strength to strength with its innovative machine learning tools. The latest Luminar is a perfect companion for Creators; image makers, Story Tellers and Photographers alike.


luminar 4 uscany

Luminar AI Sky Replacement

Luminar 4 & AI Sky Replacement

How would you like to effortlessly achieve beautiful skies in your landscape photos?

Well, just to save you time from fiddling with tools like Smart Selection, Masking, Overlaying, Layers, etc. (you know the drill).

With Luminar 4, applying a realistic sky to your photograph can be achieved in mere seconds. You see, Luminar 4s AI Sky Replacement is the first automatic tool that replaces skies in a natural way. Remember, this is highly intelligent software.

By automatically detecting the horizon line and orientation of the sky to be replaced. AI Sky Replacement uses “scene relight technology” to ensure that your overall image reflects the condition of the lighting of your newly edited sky. And all this happens in seconds.

Inevitably, AI Sky Replacement sounds like a Landscape Photographers dream come true. And it is.  The only thing it will not do is take your photos for you. 

With its ease for removing, halos and other undesirable artefacts. Whilst AI Sky Replacement is ideal for Landscape photography issues, Including, the tackling of; depth of field, tone, exposure and colour. AI Sky Replacement is also ideal for Portrait Photography. 

Tuscany 1200

Luminar AI Sky Replacement

Luminar 4 in a Nutshell…

Skylum’s Luminar 4 has ushered in a new era of photo editing by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

With its AI-driven features such as Sky Replacement, Skin Enhancer, and Enhance tools, Luminar 4 empowers photographers to elevate their craft and create images that transcend the ordinary. 

Whether you’re a professional seeking seamless workflows or an enthusiast exploring your creative boundaries, Luminar 4 opens the door to endless possibilities in the realm of photo editing. 

Embrace the future of photography and let Luminar 4 redefine the way you approach image enhancement.



*this offer is limited and may be time-sensitive

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About Skylum Software

Skylum is a global imaging technology company with offices in Bellevue, USA; Kyiv, Ukraine; and Tokyo, Japan. Skylum allows millions of photographers to make incredible images faster. We automate photo editing with the power of Artificial Intelligence yet leave all the creative control in the hands of the artist. The Skylum Team has won the Red Dot Award, Apple’s Best of the Year, and other top industry awards.


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