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Best 3 WordPress Theme Builders

The WordPress Theme & Page Builder Revolution

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3 Top WordPress Theme Builders

The thing you will find in common with the following WordPress Theme Builders is that they all are known for their WordPress Pages Builders. Something tells me they’re all working from the same page. And have realised the constraints that page builders inherit. 

Theme builders allow for “core” WordPress editing that page builders do not. This is a great development as it also allows you to better accommodate the use of plugins such as WooCommerce.


1. Elementor Theme Builder

The Elementor Pro 2 Theme Builder comes built-in with with the Page Builder. And allows you to visually customise headers, footers, WooCommerce products, and more with widget styled templates.

Elementor Theme Builder

ThemeBuilder TemplatesTypes 600



2. Divi (4) Page and Theme Builder

Divi 4 is perhaps the most popular and desired WordPress theme and visual page builder, especially as it can cover the suitability required from a number of different niche websites. Plus with the 1000s of free niche website templates available, you’ll be hard pushed to run out of design ideas for your page layouts.

Divi has long been a strong contender in the WordPress visual page builder movement. And now with theme editing capabilities, Divi 4 is a confident recommendation.

Divi Theme Builder

Software Folder dot Design | Business


3. Thrive Theme Builder, Thrive architect and Shapeshift…

Our feature highlight goes to the Thrive Themes Builder for WordPress because of its clean and intuitive interface and especially for its business user oriented approach.

Combined with Thrive Architect and Shapeshift – you’ve got a pretty powerful set of front-end tools at your disposal.

And being another WooCommerce friendly theme builder, that comes  with a suite of conversion focused tools makes this option ideal for the solo-preneur.

Thrive Suite

ttb-sales-page-last-cta_03 600



One to watch…

Brizy logo 600x450 1

Just when we thought visual page builders were easy to use.

Probably the most easiest visual page builder for anyone to get started with building great looking websites and pages faster.

Brizy Builder


WordPress Theme Builder Highlights


Thrive Theme Builder comes with a Lite version of Thrive Architect Page Builder, which can be used with the previously mentioned Shapeshift theme.

Thrive Suite


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