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3 Useful Image Apps for Photo Artist & Content Creators


Of the 3 highlighted apps mentioned in this post, I’m betting that there is at least 1 that you have not yet heard of. If not, then congratulations, you’re on top of your game.

Now, the first thing any modern photographer or photo artists wants to have in their creative ‘software folder’ of apps, would be an all-round photo editor…

And especially if you’re a busy hands-on creative type of individual, that can do without all the time it traditionally takes for processing and editing images. Well,  you’ve probably already heard, but we have something brand newish for you below. Read on to learn more.

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But first, have you ever had one of those quirky moments where, whilst searching the internet for an image, a niggling thought dawns on you; “…If only there was a way of searching for an image using an image…”

This thought may have occurred whilst trying to find the name of a specific font, when all you have is an image. Well, let me tell you, there are online apps that will allow you to find matching fonts based on data from an image. And that’s not all, there are apps that will find and match images from across the web using image recognition technology.

Now, from a business perspective, this image recognition technology is an  interesting factor, don’t you think? 

After all, this type of technology inherently has the potential of being used as part of what website owners, content publishers and marketers may use for keeping track of their online images. 

I wonder how this technology will develop over time. Maybe you already use something similar to what follows.


But first, there’s another thought you may have had concerning your images. It’s the almost inevitable; “ How can I start earning from my photos and illustrations online?” 

Well, if you haven’t already found a way of earning from your photos and illustrations, then the following three apps can help you towards doing so.


Privately owned Image search, neural and recognition company TinEye provides expertise in making images searchable. 

Employing computer vision, pattern recognition, neural networks and machine learning technology, TinyEye currently serves millions of people and generate billions of searches across a wide range of industries.

TinyEye is free for non-commercial use, and your search images are not saved.

tinyeye image search

TinyEye is constantly crawling the web and adding new images to its index. TinyEye doesn’t actually save your files. You can search for images using TinEye, by uploading an image or searching by entering a URL.

Try TinyEye


Wirestock is a really convenient way for professionals and individuals who create quality photos and illustrations to start selling their work.

Distribute your content to all of the popular stock content marketplaces. Simply upload and submit your photos and illustrations and Wirestock will take care of the rest. 

If your photos and illustrations are of suitable quality for commercial purposes, you start earning royalties. Just be sure to complete the necessary items from your dashboard, such as release forms and the type of License you wish to apply to your image. 

Which, you’ll need to do anyway, especially in order to determine whether you image is for Editorial, i.e. non monetised, normally education or news related. Or, commercial, which is as it sounds, for commercial (and monetised) use.

Signing up is free 

No, this isn’t an upgrade, but a brand new Luminar, Luminar AI to be exact. Built from the ground up with AI technology.

The idea here is simplicity. And by eradicating the tedious aspects of photo editing and making the whole process faster, allows a wider range of creators to enjoy the benefits of having access to a single app with special tools that are optimised for the most satisfying results fast.

It’s also about speed. As a brand new application, Luminar AI focusses on simplicity and speed. And for that reason there has been a number of different approaches with the new design. 

Existing users, for example, may find that the absence of Layers may be of a need for concern. Fortunately, there are good reasons for this, and the best way to truly appreciate the gravity of how the process has been simplified, is to try it out yourself.


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