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3 Noteworthy Social Bookmarking Platforms

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Social Bookmarking Suitable for Creators and Publishers

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If you like the idea of being able to consume content relevant  to the topics you may be studying, researching or simply out of interest, from a single and respectable source.

Okay, for now, let’s call it Social Bookmarking , of which, there are currently three platforms that come to mind when considering where to find respectable curated content on tap.

Organised within a rigidly tagged scheme of classification, social bookmarking typically refers to the website platforms that facilitate user engagement and content sharing.

More Than Just Bookmarking

Actually, these 3 gems are a little more than just conveniently organised content hubs, but also a great way to create your own repertoire of content for personal projects and learning purposes.

Take a look at our Noteworthy Business (Lifestyle) Tools that we feel  you may find useful both as a source for consuming and sharing content relevant to yours and your audiences interests.

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1. Pocket

The first on our list is Pocket, I suppose because Pocket has been around for a while and have learned the whats, hows and whys of its users to evolve into what it has become today.

Previously going by the name Save It Later, Pocket provides an easy way to discover content personalised to your selected interests. Share your collections with friends, family, colleagues or people in your business audience.



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2. Refind

Refind is an inspirational offering with a motivational twist, which in turn provides an excellent content curating and sharing platform. Plus there is lot more under the hood.

If you are a regular or dedicated consumer of quality content Refind is for you. Whether for leveraging alongside your business offering or simply lifestyle consumption.

With a Premium user account, you can make use of RSS and access your daily picks or reading list in another reader app, or create simple integrations with Zapier or IFTTT.

Store, curate and share quality content that you can also learn a thing or two from, for yourself.


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3. List.ly

Now, Listly is a little different to the previously mentioned examples. Where with a community of bloggers and publishers, you may create fun or serious listlicles on topics of interest that you decide. 

Customise your profile with you own banners s and avator , Share or embed on your list on personal website  or blog…

If you find yourself to have an inclination for making lists, start building list you can share today, you can try Listly for free.




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