As we approach the end of another year, Software Folder focuses on the top 10 innovative, powerful and value for money software solutions encountered for the year.


Software folder top ten software apps

Most intelligent image editor.

This year has seen Skylum software continue with making a number of innovative, time-saving enhancements to photo editing app Luminar AI. Meanwhile, also introducing image editing powerhouse Luminar Neo…

2021 Software Folder Top 10 Apps.

A difficult decision made easy.

Seeing there are a number of excellent WordPress visual page building suites available. Before the announcement of Thrive Apprentice 4.0. deciding on that definitive winner was tricky… 

2021 Software Folder Top 10 Apps.

In my opinion, the definitive Adobe alternative for graphic designers, illustrators and photo artists.  The Affinity suite of software includes; i) a raster image editor, ii) A publication design editor, and my favourite a vector drawing editor. 

– Just works a dream…

2021 Software Folder Top 10 Apps.

In an attempt to vary our selection and include all formats of software, be it online, or downloadable desktop applications. Buffer come to mind…

Buffer is a social media publishing, analytics and scheduling system that deserves a mention for being such an efficient and useful online tool for sharing posts to multiple channels at a time.

Buffers recently added a landing page builder called Start Page, this certainly enhances the service and its usefulness even further. 

This is ideal news for anyone that does not already own a website, but wants to start receiving an audience right away.

2021 Software Folder Top 10 Apps.

As well as their mission, we really like what Webflow are offering as a website building platform alternative to WordPress. 

Webflow  also provides access educational material and tons of usefully related resources .

2021 Software Folder Top 10 Apps.

Easy newsletter, mailing and marketing kit

Moosends Seamless Integration for; Email Marketing, Automating, Personalisation, Tracking and Monitoring

2021 Software Folder Top 10 Apps.

Our sneaky way of including macOS apps in general…

No shame in it, we just love Apple software, gear and general ecosystem… : )

2021 Software Folder Top 10 Apps.

Professional Live chat and chat bot software.

Whilst there are many workarounds for adding live chat support to your website. This ‘support dedicated’ app has continued to impress with its ease of installation and quality performance.

2021 Software Folder Top 10 Apps.

Still impressed with the concept behind this content collaboration tool.

Simply put, StoryChief is an impressive example of the “art of remote content creation and collaboration


2021 Software Folder Top 10 Apps.

Intelligent Photo Management

So intelligent it recognises faces…

A dedicated AI photo management software application that surprisingly worked a lot better than we expected. This clever piece of software gets our thumbs up.

2021 Software Folder Top 10 Apps.

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