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Getting Started with Google

Google Tools and Resource for Managing and Promoting Content

If you are an existing Gmail user, then you may already have some idea of the type of simple yet useful tools that are available for both marketers and creators. Take for instance the former GSuite, a premium toolset that helped bring together all your relevant Google business related essentials. 

Of course this is not for everyone, however if you are someone on a mission to spread the word about what you have to offer; have products to sell, or sharing informative and educational material that needs to survive on a constant flow of website visitors, whilst working with a team. Then, it would seem that you may well be bordering on the marketing and project management side of things, for which, Google has a number of viable software solutions.

Did you know that you can connect your website to a domain registered through Google.


Google Workspace

You can also make more of your Gmail with a Google Workspace account which starts at $6 USD per user, per month. 

With a Workspace account you will have access to tools tailored for business users, which includes:

  • A professional, ad-free Gmail account with your personal business domain name, such as

  • Ownership of employee accounts. Keep abreast with your company’s accounts, emails and files.

  • 24/7 phone, email and chat support from a real person.

  • Mobile device management tools.

  • Advanced security and administrative controls.

Use Google Drive for file storage, sharing and synchronisation across devices.
Try Google Drive


Google Analytics is the central hub that provides you with the data necessary for measuring different aspects of how your website properties are progressing.

Check for real-time activities on your website, goals, referring traffic and lots more.

Google Doc is a handy online word processor. Use it for numerous communication including content templates for sharing creative assets and marketing material.

Google Ads Editor is free to download application that lets you work offline and make bulk changes quickly, and easily across your Google Ads campaigns. Read more

As you’ve probably imagined Google Photos provides storage for your photos. Easily share your photos

Google SiteKit and Web Stories, 2 Super useful plugins for WordPress users. here

G Suite is Now Google Workspace…

As a cloud-based productivity suite, Workspace helps teams communicate, collaborate and get things done from anywhere and on any device. Setting up is simple, so you wont be distracted from focussing on your other business matters.

There are millions of organisations around the world that rely on G Suite for professional email, file storage, video meetings, online calendars, document editing and more.

Watch a video or find out more here.

These are some highlights:

Business email for your domain
Looking professional matters, and that means communicating as Gmail’s simple, powerful features help you build your brand while getting more done.

Access from any location or device
Check emails, share files, edit documents, hold video meetings and more, whether you’re at work, at home or in transit. You can pick up where you left off from a computer, tablet or phone.

Enterprise-level management tools
Robust admin settings give you total command over users, devices, security and more. Your data always belongs to you, and it goes with you if you switch solutions.



Google Search Console
Google Adsense

SOftware folder | Business

Advertising & Revenue

Google Advertising


Google Ads, Google Adsense, Google Analytics and Google Search Console are the key starting points for promoting your content using Google. However there are a number of tools and resource you may not be familiar with.

Advertising Ultimate Truth

Getting started with Google Ads for the long-term will definitely require that you have some means of measuring the activities that occur on your website. Otherwise how will you know that your ads, and other promotional methods are working?

Ultimately, receiving sales and other conversions is the most telling way of knowing that your ads and marketing are working. However, what if you are not receiving any sales, subscribers or new members to your offer? Yet, you are spending over a £100 a day on advertising.

Obviously, this is not a desirable position to be in, however, with no way of telling how your visitors are engaging with your website properties, how will you ever know what to base your decision making on, with the intention of improving your results.

Essential Advertising, Revenue and Analytics Setup

Google Ads



Search Console

Ads Editor


Google Ads, this is where all the action starts. Create multiple campaigns and ad groups, enter and refine your keyword selection and much more. Google Ads come in different advertising formats. Research that may be right for you. As a heads-up though, Google Smart Campaigns is very simple and quick to start format for most content marketing.

To use Smart Campaigns, simply set your business goals, input your budget and specify your location…

editor dashboard

Google Ads Editor, this is an app you can use from your desktop for managing your Google Ad.

Google Ads Editor allows you to make bulk changes fast. Plus, you can download your campaigns, so that you can keep working even when you’re offline

Google Analytics, is the ‘intelligence’ behind your decision making. This is an app you will frequently visit to check for goal completions and your custom conversions. Monitor your website traffic visitors’ activity, location and engagement with your website content, plus lots more helpful data. 

You will need to set up the required tracking code on your website before you can start measuring any activity.

Google Adsense, generate revenue through the traffic you receive by displaying Google Ads on your website. Signup for a Google Adsense account and simply apply the necessary ad code snippets to your website or use one of the other methods such as “in-feeds” and “in-article” ads, as well as Google’s Enhanced Search.

Google Search Console, this is an additional layer of website monitoring. From here though, you may handle your sitemaps and other search and performance data.

Google Podcasts, access podcast for inspiration and learning or visit the publisher information here

Is “Content Advertising” a Practical Way For Avoiding SEO Expertise? 

Especially in a highly competitive market, before you even stand a chance of anyone finding, let alone clicking the link to your content, at least some basic search engine optimisation is required…

Is “Content Advertising” enough?

You may feel that you need to hire an SEO expert. However, you’re not convinced that SEO will help, at least not as soon as you want.So, instead of allowing the grey areas of SEO slow you down, you’d rather forge ahead and start getting visitors to your offers through the more immediate forms of advertising such as search and display advertising. 

Rather than simply relying on ‘organic’ traffic, or “passing trade”. And especially if you have a unique product with high demand, search advertising will expose your business to people who are actively looking for what you have on offer. And that’s a good thing.With the view that SEO can be such a grey topic, you can’t be blamed for not wanting to hire an SEO expert who’d probably only tell you how badly optimised your site is…

The thing about Advertising Content is that it naturally forces you to focus more attentively on the usefulness and quality of your content, as well as how adequately your content communicates and flows with different user interactions. That is, between the user, your content and your ads. So is advertising content, and I refer to advertising ‘content’ in the form of a blog, a business website, a portfolio of work, or an e-commerce store… 

Just, how sustainable a method is advertising your content for growing an income-generating online business? I suppose it largely depends on the demand for your type of content and the associated products. But also, how you fair amongst your competitors.


‘Organic’ traffic or passing trade?

With some successful marketing and advertising behind it, the suspense and excitement during the launch of a new product may well help generate notable volumes of website traffic that may even continue well after the launch date. 

Eventually, the chances are the flow of traffic to your site will slow down and you will hopefully maintain a steady flow of ‘passive’ organic traffic.In the case of organic traffic, that is, visitors you have not paid for directly through advertising costs. Even with a perfectly optimised website, does not guarantee a sufficient and constant flow of website traffic. And especially during your initial stages of starting your website property. 

After all, you mustn’t ignore the fact that your competition may already be advertising and reaching your potential audience sooner, and at a rate that the organic traffic you may be receiving does not match up to. Let’s face it,  your more established competition are very likely to be hogging your share of all the customer interest and website traffic. So, advertising is a sure way of cutting your way to claiming a share of the people actively looking for what you have on offer. However, it can get a little, no actually, very expensive.

What makes ads work?

When you receive visitors from an ad, make them count by ensuring that you have something in place, a call to action or other stimuli, intended to encourage conversion, or at least achieve a goal. It is always a good idea to first experiment and test both your ads and content to make sure they communicate smoothly between each other. This can get tricky especially where you may have made changes to your content that no longer correspond smoothly or as intended.

Experimenting with different headings and CTAs is a good way to more readily uncover what your audience is most receptive to. You may also find obvious things that you would have never thought about if you hadn’t first tested.And yes, you’ll probably have to make friends with Google Ads and Analytics…Whilst website traffic consultants may evangelise the concept of how important SEO is, there is no dismissing its importance for business. But what if you have a seasonal or short-term campaign and need quick results. In such cases, search advertising can be highly effective due to its nature. 

The intention behind advertising your content is to present your audience with information that is relevant to what they are actively searching for. Of course, this also means that your content and targeting will need to be of good quality in order to be truly effective. This is where you may also need to learn how to ‘Tango’ with the likes of the major advertising platforms. Can you imagine the despair of a client after having invested in SEO services?

…only to find that sales haven’t improved as expected. Well, there could be a number of reasons for that, including;

1. there is no demand for the product, or it simply isn’t any good.

2. the competition.

3. the content and information provided, is not compelling enough.


Now, besides the competition, let’s say it isn’t any of those or other types of things. You’ll need to ask yourself the question. How do you tell people you’re here? 

With the objective of running ads that result in sales, you’ll want to communicate, especially with people ready to make a purchase. And the most direct way to do that is to catch them whilst in the early stages of making an online purchase. 

Then there’s ‘social’ advertising...

Of all the other advertising options, I believe Facebook would be the next obvious choice for most business owners. Mainly because, as opposed to Google Ads, it is seemingly more affordable for beginners. It is, somewhat easier to use, and also offers a ‘done-for-you’ environment to market your products or services.

Facebook advertising more readily focuses on ‘engagement’ advertising and marketing. With the aid of business pages and groups, there is a tendency towards keeping the audience within the platform’s parameters. 

This can be a very useful feature for individuals and businesses without a website design budget or WordPress know-how. (I say WordPress, but it could be any other website building platform or method).


Content Ads - Take Away

Here’s what you should know

Targeting Your audience is important for valid results

Promoting your content through the use of advertising is a quick way of getting visitors to your website. Especially if you do not have a large enough ‘organic’ or regular readership.  Search advertising is particularly effective when targeting is right. This may be due to the balance of the right keywords, negative keywords and other adjustments you can make using Google Ads. Please note that there are different Ad types, that are tailored for the different ways in which businesses work or sell products. Because your ads are shown to people who are actually searching for, hopefully, what you are promoting, is one main reason why targeting and careful keyword planning are important. Whilst search advertising can be very effective, without planning it can be very expensive too – so always watch your ROI.

Google’s SiteKit and WebStories for WordPress

Not too long ago I wrote about MonsterInsights, a WordPress Plugin that allowed you to more readily digest your Google Analytics from within your WordPress sites dashboard. Well, at the same time of my discovery I also came across Google’s very own WordPress Plugin for the job, called SiteKit.

SiteKit, so it turns out, does a pretty good job of its own. And you would think so too, seeing that it is a Google plugin for a Google product. So, for users already happy with Google’s offering of web tools may be inclined to go for SiteKit, and take a liking. Because, like I said, it does a pretty good job (at least so far).

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