Why Siteground Website Hosting?

Unrivalled Website Hosting Support? Catering for over 2 million less stressed online business owners Software Folder | BUSINESS Want to be convinced why Siteground website hosting is a cut-above-the-rest? Before you sign up  Siteground Compared You’ve probably already read somewhere, the comparisons between different website hosting services and how Siteground has emerged as a service well known …

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A Website Builder with Community & Membership Features

Also a Community Website…As I was saying; a website builder with awesome community features. ContentsServe Online CoursesReady for you to quickly get started with adding your online course.Learn moreJust Another Website Builder?No! not just a website builder, but a website builder with awesome membership and community features. Read on Software Folder dot Design | Business  …

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Music Artist Lifestyle​ – Sneak Peek #1

Music Track 3 – Artist Profile Following Music Tracks part 2, where we looked at preparing cover artwork for music streaming and print services. Today we focus on a brief journey with musician, Lenny Deneb (Kingdom Soldier),  a recent artist we have helped with pulling together some of the graphical assets for his latest music album and …

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Portrait Photography Editing Today

An Evolutionary Approach to Portrait Photography Editing Table of Contents Bypass ‘preliminary’ photo editing chores. Imagine you’re just about to click the shutter, and an image pops into your head. It’s an image of how your final photo will look when processed.   The thing is now that you have your photos in front of …

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Cheating with Photography?

Does using artificial intelligence for editing photos diminish the integrity of the artist?
With the emergence of AI Photo Editing technology comes the inevitable question concerning artist integrity.

This is especially where a number of photographers, photo artists and the “purist” in us believe that the use of Artificial Intelligence takes away the creative challenge that differentiates a good artist from another. Something like that…