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Graphics You Buy Once and Sell Forever...

How to compliantly start selling ready-for-print licensed designs…

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Introducing Vexels

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100% In-house Graphic Designs

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The Vexel mock-up generator

As with our previously mentioned print-on-demand, noteworthy business tool, Vexel also has a super simple mock-up generator for importing and applying *your designs to the following items:

• T-shirts  
• Hoodies
• Face Masks
• Phone Vases
• PopSockets
• Throw Pillows
• Tote Bags

*As a subscriber you will have Licensing rights to use Vexels Designs, while Vexels holds the intellectual property of its Designs at all times.

What is Vexels?

In short, Vexels is a commercial graphics resource provider, that offers a range of quality vector image illustrations, logos and other design templates for t-shirts and other merchandise.

Print-on-Demand Ready Graphics

With print-on-demand ready graphics almost anyone can take advantage of a convenient opportunity to start an online store with Licensed designs which you buy once and can sell forever. Joining Vexels will give you access to a wide range of designs that you can modify for selling as many times as you want. 

If this appeals to your current idea for starting an online business with as little hassle as possible. A Vexels Merch subscription is the perfects solution

Merchant Subscription



The good thing about the “Merch subscription” is that it grants you the rights to use the in-house designs and graphic resources provided for promotional and selling purposes.

When subscribed as a merchant you will gain access to each of your Licensed downloads, plus tools for preparing and selling products on print-on-demand platforms, online stores, and retail stores. And all starting from your easy to navigate Vexels User Dashboard. 

The Merch subscription is ideal for both beginner and experts seeking  high-quality designs and tools without needing to worry about things like copyright infringement or print reproduction specifications.


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