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How to Start Generating Income by Selling Your Photos
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2 in 1 Selling Your Photos Online

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How to Start Selling Your Photos Online

If you’re a beginner, first you will need a good camera

Whilst the following tips aren’t anything new. It’s surprising how many budding photographers are deterred by, especially, website technology and getting their own portfolio projects off the ground. The following suggestion is arguably one of the best and most simplest of strategies for creators in business who want to start selling their photographic work online.

Obviously the first thing you will need is a decent camera, preferably a Digital Single Lens Reflex or DSLR camera. Although, nowadays the quality and resolution of some smartphone cameras have improved so much that there are some stock photo sites that will accept photos taken with a smartphone camera providing the quality and resolution is good enough. 

However, better suited for producing high-resolution images and tackling situations that you are likely to encounter as a professional photographer, a DSLR camera is generally a better option than your smartphone.

Once you have your camera, or cameras of choice, it might also be a good idea to think about storage. These days we have the likes of Google Photos, Apple iCloud, Flickr500px and our highlighted featured product SmugMug. These are all popular cloud storage solutions used by professional photographers.

Okay, so now you have a camera and lots of free space for storing your high resolution photos, the following outlines actionable steps you can take towards selling your photos and generating income for your work. 

1. Sell Photos with Stock Photography

If you recall ever browsing through a physical catalogue of photos before the internet became so popular, then the name Getty Images may sound familiar to you. Actually, maybe they still provide physical catalogues (someone reading this post might know otherwise. If so, please share below). 

Anyway, in the meanwhile, the point I mean to make here, is how the convenience offered by the internet doesn’t necessitate the need for printing physical catalogues anymore. All-in-all, providing an easy solution for sharing your digital photos directly from your DSLR camera, smartphone, or your Photo Editing app, straight to an online library or portfolio.

Now, if you have a good collection of professional photos lined up, uploading them to SmugMug is one way of giving your photos the exposure (pun not intended) for attracting people actually seeking photos to buy.

2. Create Your Own Website & Sell Your Work

Another reason behind SmugMug being our highlighted featured product is that you can also build an e-commerce store for selling your photographic work. SmugMug is a good and reliable service, that has learnt the photographer’s nuanced needs through having been around for years. Simply add your photo to your library of photos and allow customers to buy or download prints of your work.

Other popular dedicated website builders for photographers include Format and Imagely for WordPress. You can learn more about these and other photography and creativity tools here.

Meanwhile, whilst the offer is still on, why not try SmugMug’s 14 Day Free Trial below.


Reach all your photography goals.

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