What is POD?

Introducing Print on Demand

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How to start promoting and selling your designs without the initial spend on printing 100s of products up-front…

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Unlike conventional business practices, instead of printing thousands of products in advance and waiting for customers to buy. In the case of print on the demand, typically, a product is only printed after an order has been made…


What is Print-on-Demand?

Whether your business is a physical brick and mortar, or just an online store. Deploying a print-on-demand funnel can save you both time and money, plus provide an extra stream of income.

In the case of print-on-demand, typically, a product is only printed after a customer has made an order. 

This means that you, as an online store owner, can start promoting your designs without the initial spend on printing 100s of products in advance. 

Providing your chosen service is a noteworthy business tool, you can enjoy the benefits of having access to printing, embroidery, packing and shipping all taken care of for you.

Print-on-Demand provides a great opportunity to start an online store and putting your design and illustration skills into action. 

If this is not exactly you, do not worry, you can always source royalty free designs  print-on-demand ready artwork.

Customer Fulfilment

The most appreciative aspect of print-on-demand for producing and selling your uniquely printed products is that you do not have to handle the shipping yourself.  

Of course you may need to complete a few details regarding whether to charge a flat rate or other available shipping and fulfilment options. However, besides that, all you need to do is populate your online store with your designs and product.

Connecting Your Existing Store to POD

If you already have an online store and providing it is one of the store types shown below, then connecting a print-on-demand service should be simple.

Once connected, you will be able to synchronise your print-on-demand-ready products and have them displayed on your store.

Most recommended store types:

big commerce

Creating your own design for print-on-demand

As with most print-on-demand services you will need to create your artwork at a size and resolution suitable for printing on your chosen products. In most cases you will be guided as to whether your artwork meets the necessary requirements.

Use mock-ups to showcase and promote your designs

Gelato has a super simple mock-up generator for importing and applying your designs to the following items:

• Men’s clothing 
• Women’s clothing
• Kids and baby clothing
• Wall art
• Photo books

• Mugs
• Cards
• Stationary & Business
• Wall art
• Calendars
• Tote Bags

Copyright of intellectual property

Be careful to only use artwork which you have created yourself, or have permission to use.

As with all practices the use of intellectual property without permission is not permitted. This may also apply to images that have the likeness to a celebrity or brand, or even carry the same name of a celebrity.

wall art live example

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Print-on-Demand Pros and Cons

Whilst Print-on-demand may have many benefits there are a few general things you should be aware of.

superhero tshirt 600


Customer list

Adding your own customers to a mailing list may not be an option with some print-on-demand services.

Quality control

Another disadvantage with print-on-demand is that you have little control over the quality of your shipped products. Which is why ensuring you use a reputable company is important. 

You may need to try a few different ones to find the right fit for you.

Personal touch and customer experience

Again, depending on which platform you use, adding your personal touch may be limited or non existent. 

Some print-on-demand services such as Printful however, do  allow adding custom branding to the products you ship. This may include labels and other items that help personalise your customers experience.


Affordable to start (costs-effective)

Combining the ability to both carry stock as well as on-demand-printing, store owners can more readily start an online business at an affordable pace.


Gain more time for marketing and concentrating on optimising how your website performs.

Seamless store integration and fulfilment

Easily add print-on-demand to an existing website or blog.

Taking the plunge

Everything you need



A delightfully simple to use solution for designers and artist.

Printful is a popular print-on-demand service 


Buy Once, Sell Forever with Assets available at Vexels.

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Best of Print-on-demand

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