1 Best Data-Driven WordPress Plugins for Your Analytics.


1 Simple Data-Driven WordPress Plugins for your Analytics.

Making sense of your Google Analytics data.


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As a WordPress User, you are rarely short of options for extending the capabilities and improvement to the performance of your website.

Whether it’s composing an online course with membership and payment features, or a simple business website for engagement and support for your customers, there is likely to be a solution in the form of a WordPress Plugin, Theme , or some third-party tool and integration

Now, if you so happen to be looking for a little help with untangling all the data you receive on the activity that takes place on your site, which, at the moment, only leaves you with glazed eyes. 

Well, there’s a Plugin for That!
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1. Monster Insights

Essential Insights to What’s Happening with Your Site Made Simple.


Why Monster Insights?

Simplicity tends to always be a factor that humans embrace for any tasks. Which is what makes MonsterInsights such a favourable option, for first, connecting your WordPress website to Google Analytics, and then accessing the Monster Insights dashboard for a digestible breakdown of your Google Analytics. 

It’s simple to install, and provides you with all the stats that matter, including outbound links, into digestible ‘pockets’ of data. 

Now, anyone that knows about partnering with other brands, the need to track the visitors you successfully refer to their product, isn’t always as straightforward as you would like. Currently, you’d have to jump through a few hoops and perform a number of steps before enabling Google Analytic to track your outbound links.

With MonsterInsights the task of connecting Google Analytics is streamlined for use within your WordPress website

Focus on the Content That Matters

• See Your Top Landing Pages to Improve Enagement

• See Your Top Exit Pages to Reduce Abandonment

• See Your Top Outbound Links to Find New Revenue Opportunities

• See Your Top Affiliate Links and Focus on what’s working

• See Your Top Downloads and Improve Conversions

• See Audience Demographic Report ( Age / Gender / Interests )

How People Find Your Website

• See Your Top Google Search Terms and Optimize Content

• See Your Top Exit Pages to Reduce Abandonment

• See The Number of Clicks and Track Interests

• See The Click-Through-Ratio and Improve SEO

• See The Average Results Position and Focus on what works



Get Started with Monster Insights

All your website traffic sources (search engines, social media, advertisements, or referral links)

To get started, you will need a Google Analytics account. MonsterInsights makes it effortless to connect your Google Analytics account with your WordPress site. All you need to do is download the MonsterInsights plugin from here. And follow the simple installation instructions.

Once installed and configured with your Google Analytic ID. You can start answering the pertinent questions about your site that will equip you with essential decision making data. 

Learn what kind of visitors your website attracts; their age gender and location, plus details on things such as which browser, device and operating system they use. Most of all though, you’ll want to know where your customers convert the most. So next time someone asks; What is your eCommerce conversion rate? You’ll know just how to answer.

Is Monster Insights My Best Solution?

Well, with all sincerity it’s difficult to say, as there are so many alternative solutions to fit different temperaments. I always feel that your skills and temperament are 2 important factors that determine whether an individual readily takes to one software environment, or interface, over another. However, if we are talking strictly WordPress, then Monster Insights is simple enough for even beginners. And, you can try to make it as complex as you’d like with the additional Add-ons available with a upgraded account.

Essential Insights to What’s Happening with Your Site Made Simple.


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