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One of the first roadblocks for most people just getting started in the world of electronic commerce and building an online store, is tying up the different components that will reliably;

a) first, allow you to display your products… 

b) allow you to securely receive online payments, and,

c) getting your products delivered safely to your customers.

Of course starting a website may be the most instinctive first step. However, choosing which of the many routes for building a website that are available, may be where most independent creators and beginners, not necessarily make the wrong decision, but rather decide blindly, neglecting methods better equipped for adaptability and long-term plans as well as costs.  [ continue ]

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Print-on-demand website, first steps.

How to short-cut the technical matters you’d rather not have to deal with when build a website store.

If you want to start selling your own printed products online, besides devising the capability of receiving online payments, your first port of call will likely be to consider building a website for showcasing your products and artwork. Along with this will be subsequent requirements, all depending on your circumstance and the route you take.

Now, starting a website equipped for receiving online payments will definitely need to be secure. But also, adaptable and robust for the long-term. In your list of “first steps,” you will also need to include consideration for practices such as SEO, and user experience, across the different devices your audience will be viewing your content.

Q: Should I produce, my products, or website first?

Now, here’s the thing; Although it is often a good idea, you do not necessarily need to always start by building your own website first. Especially if your first priority is to build an inventory of products, and then to populate your website with only your best or most popular work. However, this is entirely up to you. (Select the red pill below or continue reading). 

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Generate your product images, descriptions and other details

Now, here’s the thing; Although it is often a good idea, you do not necessarily need to always start by building your own website. 

Especially if your first priority is to build an inventory of products for first testing, and then to populate your website with only your best or most popular work. It depends on your strategy and what is most practical for your circumstances. 

Fortunately, and either way, you can immediately start creating your own printed products using print-on-demand services provided by Printful. Who, also make things very convenient for the UK and European market.

From a financial and cashflow perspective, what you will really like about using Printful, is that besides perhaps paying for a few printed sample products of your artwork, you can start building your product collection, or product variants steadily and at a cost, if any, that will not burden you.


Use Printful’s Mockup Generator for producing your product images. Also determine your pricing and adding your product descriptions… 

Printful provides a complete customer fulfilment service, so yes they’ll also take care of delivering to your customers.

Use Printful to synchronise products with your primary eCommerce store, plus have the capability of embedding products on your WordPress blog.


Q: It makes sense to build my website first, but how do I get started with the view to add and sell my printed products?

If you already have images of your products, or would like to synchronise products you have already prepared for print-on-demand. From here, you can synchronise and manage the display of your products on your website. In this case, let’s say, using your Shopify and WordPress websites.

This is a short-cut and fairly robust route for starting a serious long-term eCommerce store or website, especially as you can add different functionality as you develop. If you have more than one website, there are various integration and embedding techniques you can employ using Shopify to help reach different segments of your audience.

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Shopify and Print-on-demand made simple, flexible and...

All-in-all Shopify makes for an ideal companion website building and eCommerce platform for Printful’s print-on-demand and fulfilment service. If you have serious plans for creating content that generates income online. Shopify is equipped with all the essential capabilities to launch a full-fledged store, monitor your performance, and create social media campaigns.


Use Shopify for receiving online payments and monitoring your website visitor performance.

Use Shopify for building mobile responsive custom websites and integration with multiple third-party services

Use Shopify for synchronising your Printful products.

Useful tools and resource for creating and selling print-on-demand products

How our products are made to your order.

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Gear for people that love creating stuff!

The above video will give you an idea of the process that is triggered when you make an order with us. Every design used has been created from original drawings and graphical elements produced in-house via Heart & Pencil (software-folder).


Made to Order

designs printed especially for you!

*subject to availability thresholds and other supplier policies

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