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Kwik Theme for WordPress

Especially optimised to maximise your site’s Core Web Vitals scores, Kwik is a fast loading, companion theme, configured with bold colors, nifty icons and fast loading system fonts for Thrive Theme Builder for WordPress.

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Software Folder | BUSINESS SodaPDF for Mac and PC A complete PDF solution with Optical Character Recognition and E-signature capability.  Table of Contents What is

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Digital Art Showcase #inspiration

There are many different styles of illustration that may combine both traditional and digital art techniques. The all vector graphics route however, is the most efficient method for producing robust artwork that will withstand reproduction, resizing and reformatting.

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Camera Phone Photography Showcase

Camera Phone Photography Showcase #inspiration 1 We invite friends from around the world to submit their camera phone photography for a Luminar make-over. Canadian Landscapes

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Dive Even Deeper with Luminar Neo Image Editing

Dive Even Deeper with Luminar Neo Image Editing Software.
When Images are More Than Just Photos​. If you haven’t been keeping up with our previous posts introducing the image editors new “go-to” application, Luminar Neo. Check out the posts for more insights on what to expect using the grey buttons below.

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It’s All About You Really.

Which is why, ultimately, your opinion is valuable in the mission to help creators untangle the clicks and links between creativity and technology.

Software Folder is the result of years of experimenting with multiple websites whilst filtering the nuance of the new creators that are emerging around the globe.

As an individual that believes everyone deserves the opportunity to live a fruitful and prosperous life, especially with the thanks of today’s ease and convenience that technology provides. 

Today, we can deliver content and have our say, wherever we are in the participating world. Almost anyone with the impetus, and drive can build an online presence…

What does this mean to YOU as an individual creator?

This new “global closeness” that the internet brings to real people with real challenges can be approached from a perspective that more readily resonates with any given audience. And by providing content that helps to inspire other creative independents and small businesses communicate their stories more effectively the aim is to inspire the development of creativity in business.

By filtering which tools and resource that are most affordable and work best for hands-on ‘creator entrepreneurs’ like YOU can take place. Allowing you to make better decisions with the directions you take with your own, or your client projects.

However, in saying all the above, we mustn’t forget that technology is far from static and is constantly evolving. So, part of the ideas of software folder dot design is to provide you mostly with recommendations that have long-term potential.

After all, over many generations we continuously live in a world where creative tasks become incrementally easier to do. So, whilst drawing for example, may be difficult for most people, you do not need to be an expert at drawing, in order to create a logo design when using graphics software.

To elaborate; whilst everyone may want to be able to take great looking photographs. Not everyone necessarily wants to be a photographer. 

And so, whilst the availability of easy to use photo editing software grows. Producing good quality photos gets easier for everyone. 

Professional photographers now have to either become more protective or defensive over their craft. Or, they adopt the new technology in order to enhance their current photography workflow.

Technology however, cannot be rid of the professional photographer (of course not!). It merely introduces more efficient means for achieving professional looking photos faster.


Software Folder dot Design

Now, Software Folder dot Design is where I share my passion for the “behind the scenes,” creativity that is involved with producing the different forms of content and marketing communication for both digital and print material.


Disclosure: Please bear in mind that some of the links on this site may be sponsored links and if you make a purchase I may earn a commission. Please also keep in mind that the companies and the products I mention are ones that I use myself, or have tried. And are mentioned for their quality or usefulness I have experienced myself

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